Sunday, April 12, 2015

A great riding week!

Sunny and I had a great riding week!  With my husband on holidays, I was able to get in some nice riding during the week plus, awesome weekend rides with my friend.

My daughter and I like to walk the dogs each morning on horse back.  But it's been too cold this winter for my just turned 4 year old daughter to ride so we have just started back.  I ride my Curly and she rides my Arabian.  I have her on a pony rope and she has a voltige girth with handles.  It's been very nice to have her back out with me!

Out for our dog walks.

My friend and I rode to our local village :-)

Manhole covers were an issue... had to take some time to help the horses get braver :-)

Our ride today.  Out in our local forest with some friends from up the road.  Lovely weather here finally!  

Having a blast here in Eastern Ontario Canada with my Curly!

Cyndi & Sunny

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  1. I can't believe how dry the trails look! Fingers crossed it will be an early opening season! I'd love to get back there again for more than the Pink Ride. Way to go!