Friday, April 3, 2015

Loving the Sun

After a full week of being really sick, I 
finally got out for a ride on this gorgeous 
day.  56 degrees and very sunny with a 
nice breeze.  

I'm not sure that Honey will agree on the 
breeze part though (it made tape, 
vehicles, and a big rock very scary).  

I must admit that there's nothing funnier 
than the sound of a horse squelching 
through mud.  It's almost comical.

We managed to make it down a road that 
we hadn't been on before, just to be scared
silly by a big rock that had come uncovered 
by the melting snow.  Nothing sillier than
a Curly who can't decide if it is scared or
not.  Honey walked right up to the tape on
a mailbox that had scared her and snorted 
Here's that big scary rock ;)
at it.  She's quite the character.

I'm hoping to get outside more for the 
mini derby this month but the weather 
here is supposed to turn nasty :( I am glad
to see that others are making it out to work 
with their Curlies though.

Goodluck all!
-Honey & Bethany
Mudding on Horseback

1 comment:

  1. Haha, I have to agree with the "mudding on horseback" the frost isn't out of all the roads here yet either. The sounds are funny going from clip-clop to stomp, squish, slurp. It does make for some giggles!
    Glad to hear you're feeling better : )