Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End of the Challenge out on Dutch Queens day!

I have been working a lot on "bomb proofing" all our horses.
Today was the last day for the challenge so we did it all to get it together like a 'test"

It was also a big day in my home country The Netherlands. After 33 years the Queen handed over the crown to her son. So now we have a KING.
 So I thought I will go a little overboard and dress up the horses, and turn it into a challenge.

Moose all dressed up...even with Wooden Shoes on ;-) His Orange Cap ( the Royal family is called Orange by their last name, that's way everybody dresses up in orange) and of course the Dutch Flag.

Freedom did all the obstacles riding, AND caring the Flag.
Then we went on a trail ride and "found" some more obstacles. I can't believe this horse. He just does it all! The creek was a big challenge it was slippery and at one part a big elevation he had to "climb" He slipped and almost fell. But he did not spook or got excited at all. He just went true like nothing happened.
Natalie my friend made the pictures and rode Jake. She also made some videos but that take a while to upload. Will share it later.

Happy happy day.

 OOPS fallen tree on the trail...have to go underneath..

 Splashing true the pond

 Riding the creek

 Part of the dog pack
The Hidden Cave. It is actually very big and you can go in very far. I could not get closer on horseback.
So if you want to see it come visit us ;-)

Marion Hidden Cave Ranch, KY

Curly Foster George ( Two-Two) bomproof!

I have not been working with George as often as I should. Just so many hours in a day and so many horses to work with.
but since we had the "make your horse bomproof" mini challenge we did our best.
Boy did he do well, so much better than I hoped for.
He will make such a great family, trail what ever you want him to do horse.
This boy wants to please you want to work with you and do within his ability to do what you ask him to do.
I could not been more proud today.!

Marion Hidden Cave Ranch, KY
Fosterhome of George.

Good Times!

For a meant to be showery day, we had a beautiful and sunny afternoon. One which I had off!!! So, of course after chores it was time to ride!! I couldn't be bothered lugging the saddle over so on went the bareback pad. We tried the field that borders the current cow pasture but it is still too wet so I took him to the front field that the horses summer in. Usually this is a big issue because it is somewhat up the driveway and our horses are glued together!! With minor "yes you will" on my part Linus smoothly walked into the field. We stopped every time he started to get wound a bit. Made me realise, Linus is very crap at being sudden!! There's loads of cues before he even knows he's going to do it. But that's ok with me - surprises on horseback aren't always good. Especially with a 4 year old horse!
After one trip around the bottom half of the pasture I made him whoa and back at the gate. No rushing the gate with me mister! Then we did a second, larger trip around. When he thought he'd turn back I made him 2 tight circles and that was that. We came calmly out and then trotted once on the laneway. I've really come to enjoy trotting bareback. It's not a big day - especially compared to what some of you have been up to. But for me to accomplish this bareback, with a bitless bridle and a young horse just makes my day!! And definitely deserving of some fresh, new grass!
Lovin' my big, red oaf!!
Donna and Linus
Lunenburg, ON
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season's already started!

Our season has started on the 14th april on a AQHA show with my 4 years old quarter horse mare Juanita. We were three times placed on the third place and i was proud as hell 'cause she's under saddle since last october and it was her first show. 

But last saturday was the first show with my curly, Jondra Lunar Flare called Blössy. 
She really proved that wshe deserves the "world's favorite show curly horse" title, 
because we won the youth reining class!

She did it really good and wasn't as nervous as last year at the shows. 

 In the western riding class, one of the heaviest (with seven flying lead changes in a very short time) i had to compete against the adults because most of the youth riders can't do this class. 

We we're on the fifth place as the best youth partcipant and i was very proud.

I'm looking forward to the ninth may, our next show!

I hope it will be great too! :)

Greeting froms Switzerland

Juanita at her first show

the prizes from Blössy 


Monday, April 29, 2013

Bucky is getting a real child pony

My youngest daughter is getting Bucky out off the field, brushing and trimming him...

This is a verry big different: as Bucky was at the beginning, he was totaly green....not broke to ride...now he is...he couldn't stand still at brushing and didn't put up his feed......legs......now he is verry eays to handle!

Our first Jump show! UPDATE Video

Well Theo and I survived our first show this weekend.  I took him a whole 1 mile down the road to a local Hunter/Jumper training barn.  Saturday we had a lesson (video to come)  and he did awesome!  We just did low jumps since I really haven't been jumping him much and this was the first course work we've done in almost a year!  The sand was very deep which he wasn't used to so I had to work hard to keep him in the canter but he jumped great!  We even practiced some derby type jumps that were more natural obstacles.
He was a perfect gentlemen but did get a little nervous when he had to stay in his stall.  He spent the night and the next day we competed in 7 classes...yes I said 7!  Oh boy am I sore and tired...I'm sure Theo is just as tired he had no energy and I thought about pulling out but my trainer encouraged me to finish the last one as he had a long break.  So I did and we were doing awesome I thought wow I could place high in this one and then...

I jumped the wrong jump!!!  It never falls I always mess up at least 1 course at a show.  I'm a dork.

2 of the classes we did were just flat classes and two were small jumps for a warm up.  Theo did alright he still seems to have performance anxiety though.  The judge said we were in 3rd place in one flat class until he dropped from canter to trot and wouldn't pick up the correct lead then got all mad cause the horses in front were getting away...She actually told me he was great until he went naughty :-(  but this naughty is nothing compared to our last show he was really naughty then.  There is just something about those flat classes he just can't handle...weird thing is he is fine at home with horses all over the place.   I'm sure it's him feeding off of me though.  I had a little anxiety about cantering because we have been struggling with the right lead all winter and recently he has been getting it but it's not consistant. 

The best thing about the weekend though was he was offering lead changes in the corner without me asking!  Which means he is balanced and is getting that it's easier to stay balanced if he is on the right lead.

So Theo gets today off and Abby is busy making a baby hopefully so no riding today but I'll be doing some light work with Theo tomorrow because Thursday we leave for the Larry Whitesell Clinic.  I attended one of his clinics last year with Abby and although he is a gaited clinician he studies Dressage and promotes that for gaited riding.  This year I'm taking Theo as Larry helped to people last year with horses that were buddy sour and I'm hoping he can give Theo and I some tips.  Plus I just need to get Theo out more so he gets used to going places.  Each time I take him somewhere he settles in quicker and quicker.

That's it for now I'll hopefully get the video up tonight!

Video of one of our courses in our lesson can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwVi0qdt1mE&feature=youtu.be
It was the only rail he dropped all weekend

Sunday, April 28, 2013

We're still here......

Seems like I haven't blogged for an entire month and probably haven't!  I logged today and realized I've worked my horses 3 days this month!  Shame on me!  But I've been really busy and the weather hasn't exactly cooperated either.

No pictures this time, but wanted to share a couple of things that qualify as "obstacles."  Earlier this week Corky was playing with another gelding and all of a sudden he laid down to roll.  I was working in my office and could see him and wasn't paying too much attention, but then looked up and realized he had rolled next to the gate, towards the gate and his rear legs were caught in the gate!  Yikes!  I gasped and my husband went into panic mode and I wasn't far behind him, but trying to remain calm.  Corky doesn't panic and I know this because this is the 3rd time he's rolled and gotten caught in a position where he couldn't get up on his own.  And I've only had him about 9 months!  Thanks God I've been here every time to help him get back over!  My husband and I went out and together grabbed all 4 of Corky's legs and turned him away from the gate and he got up.  He didn't thrash or panic just waited until we had him where he needed to be.  The gelding he was playing with was more concerned than Corky was about the situation.  I am fearful, though, that some day we won't be here and it could be dangerous for him, so I pray that won't ever happen.

After Corky got up he acknowledged both of us thoroughly and then went to follow us out the gate like he had become a human and could just roam!  He is such a neat horse!  I realized afterward that was an obstacle in its own right, because Corky could have panicked and made everything very bad for all of us, but he remained calm and let us help him without incident.

Today I bathed Corky and did a little bit of groundwork with him.  One thing I did was ask him wade through a ditch full of water.  He approached, sniffed, drank and then walked through it.  I was pleased.  Corky hasn't rode on the roads much yet and that is a goal for him this year, so I did walk him down the road and a car did go by at about 40 miles per hour, I really wish they would go slower, but he did spook a little after it went by, so it was good for me to do it this way initially.

After Corky, then I got Rocky out and groomed him.  Rocky has sort of been on a vacation because of his illness, but it's time to get back to work.  He remembered the flexing to the left, but not right, but remembered the right before he made me too dizzy.  Thanks goodness!  Then we walked down the road and I thought I would ask him to do the ditch thing too.  I did cross a smaller ditch with him last fall and he did fine, so I didn't think it would be a big deal.  Boy, was I wrong!  We waited quite awhile with me on one side and him on the other, before I decided the ditch on the other side of the road might be a better choice since there wasn't so much water. 

Rocky approached that one and decided he would jump it......right into me!  Wrong response!  I let him know that too.  Tried it again, same response, jumped at me...wrong!  I gave that a couple minute break and asked me to walk in the shallow puddles in the ditch on that side and he was avoiding it left and right!  What the heck!  Going to have to work on this!  Now, that he's feeling better, he's not as cooperative!  Bummer!  After he did what I asked in walking in the puddle, I asked to come across the ditch and this time he did it right!  Yay!  Let's do that again, Rocky, and he did!  So we ended on the good note and called it a day.

Janeen, Corky and Rocky!

Another Trail ride ... these boys are doing great!

Peter and Woody were trail riding today, first time alone.

Preparations ...

... then out to a nice cool spring day ...

Took a small video of them both ... a bit shaky, sorry, two dogs in the left hand :)

Enjoy !

Thursday, April 25, 2013


bucky brushing at home...

you see the white/brown house.....thats my house!

greetings marjolein overbosch
the netherlands

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the big change

I dont have pictures yet, they will follow later!

Cinderella and Bucky are slowely getting used to there new stables...
the weather is perfect now so they can go outside for a couple of hours...
I put them outside at 10 O' clock, at 1 'O clock they are getting nervous and want to go inside to the stables...cinderella is verry tired and goes to sleep inside her stable....strange horses...
so today I brushed them ( took my time for both off them and) let them run around in circle's
and now theye are standing outside in the field....and eating grass...the look relaxt...I hope they will stay that way for the next 2 hours!
we all have to find our way in this big changement.....
so next time I show you pictures.....sorry....its hard to make pictures whene you are alone!

greetings marjolein
bucky and cinderella

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Springtime Riding

After reading Dana's post, I realize I am very fortunate to be able to get out and ride on the weekends and Monday nights.  My pony is an awesome partner.  We had a good time out on the trails all by ourselves on Saturday.
We crossed a swift stream and saw some moose tracks.  I put my hand in the picture so you could see how big they were. Not giant, perhaps a yearling moose, but fun to see.  Ah-D was not impressed.  I remember now how he stepped on me when I was busy taking a picture of these...and I'm thinking to myself as I write this that the mystery of how I got the big bruise is now solved.  This happens to me all the time.  I forget about getting banged around a bit and then the bruises and marks are a mystery.  This is a true blessing because I forget about the bad stuff and always remember the good!!!  One of the things I really like about myself.
 I tried to take a picture of us while we were out Saturday, but it came out all washed out.  And, dang it, I looked thin, too!  What the heck, I will post it anyway, because I want to look at a thin picture of myself instead of the usual.

Monday night, Terry and I took Allie and Ah-D out for a nice, leisurely trail ride.  Oh, a funny...I was combing through the woods trying to figure out where a break in the stone wall was, and I happened to look down at Ah-D's mouth.  The bit was under his chin.  Can you believe that?  I never put the bit in his mouth when I put on the bridle!  DUH.  Terry and I got a kick out of it.  I didn't even notice any difference in Ah-D's responsiveness, either.  Have I mentioned before how much I love my Curly?  Maybe once or twice.

We stopped a few times and let the horses get a taste of that new spring grass emerging.  The birds were singing their evening songs.  It was heaven.

Until next time, Susan and Ah-D in Maine