Monday, April 13, 2015

"Today my human friend and owner wanted me to go slow, I said no, we go fast.. weee!
Yesterday I was enjoying my breakfast... and there she was.. with halter in her hand!!!
I tried to tell her I wanted to finish my breakfast first, but she wouldn't listen so I poo'd in my bucket!
Later that day I decided we needed to go fast, the faster I gallop the sooner I can get lunch musli? yes?!
After she rode me, she cleaned my bedroom, very nicely. Maybe this isn't such a bad deal anyway!" *horselaughter*

Well, the past week was just great (after a long time of being sick, then way too much work and the horse being quite uncooperative, and then bad weather (storm and rain)). I had lots of time for the horse and riding and finally felt like making some progress with training her. After hard schooling work and lessons, I always sneaked in a short relaxing trail ride so that she could see something different and we (the horse and I) enjoyed the rides.
Unfortunately, I have to work way too much this week for extensive riding, but I do hope the sneak in a ride here and there. (And a lot more posting here! Hopefully!)

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