Thursday, April 16, 2015

So Much Excitement!

Kai settling in and figuring out the hay net

                    Oh The Excitement!

It's been such a busy couple of weeks here in VT.

Cynthia and I made a trip to a mustang adoption not expecting to find any Curlies (we were told there were none on the truck). our surprised we found at least two that appeared to be 1/2 or full Curlies and many that were at least part Curly.  I managed to bring home one little yearling that I fell in love with.

Kai at the auction

She has the kinky/wavy mane and tail, fetlocks, forelock, and lots of little wavy curls above her knees and hocks.  Her body coat is so matted together.  We are thinking that she is a straight coated Curly with lots of Curly characteristics.

So curious
Oh the Curly mustache

Finally a clear ring!
I'm looking forward to working with her and seeing how far she will go (any suggestions are helpful as this is my first horse under 3 years of age).

This is her "I can't believe you made me work" face

As to Honey....she's been working more now that we have some nice weather.  And the ring is finally clear! :) Yay.  So it's time to get her and I in shape again which will be fun.  Still dealing with large amounts of mud here, some ice, and some remaining snow.  

The April mini event is really taking off here at the barn.  I've been working more and more with Magick (Honey's son) which has been fun and challenging.

~Honey & Bethany

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  1. Kai is beautiful! I'm sure you will have lots of fun bringing her on. Patience and lots of groundwork and exposure to as much as you can (tarps, noisy things, mailboxes, etc) would be my suggestion. It's good to put them in what might be tense situations so you can teach them how to handle it. Keep us posted for sure! Congrats!