Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hanging in there...

... or rather, hanging onto!
Today was quite the ride! Thanks to the wind and people doing whatever, the curly horse lost it's usual calm demeanor and got considerably jumpy. It started already on the way to the outdoor riding ring that she seemed to feel a bit insecure. When I tried to mount, she got scared, jumped aside and galloped forward, with me not really up but hanging onto her side. It was.. interesting.
I learned a great deal.. a) western saddles rock! even without a perfectly tight girth, they don't slide of the horse (provided they fit well) b) I'm not likely to fall off, no matter what, and I do manage some athletic climbing on a jumpy galloping horse. :) c) western saddles are hard and unusual usage can lead to bruises.

The rest of the riding went very well though. As did the past days and I've got the feeling that the horse and I are getting better and better and finally are forming a 'team'! It's also becoming more and more fun to train and trail ride lately.

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