Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What a Perfect Day!

What a view.

With all of this heat and direct sunlight its been too hot to ride here.  This morning was mellow enough to get out and spend some time in the saddle though.  Thank goodness!  Took Honey out on the trail outback through the woods to see just how many trees came down on the pathway.  Come to find out that we had to bushwhack most of the way due to the trees and large branches covering large sections of the trail.  Honey was a champ and with a little reminder to slow down and look where her feet were going we made it from one end to the other, no problem. She even got a good hosing down.
This is her "of thank goodness we are done" face.

After our hose off.

What a character

I also spent some time working with Kai again this morning.  We have been doing lots of round penning and some work on giving to halter pressure for leading.  She's starting to become more patient and willing to work with me on the halter pressure.  She has also found her sassy spunk and really enjoys kicking up her heals when she runs.  Kai is still itchy as we haven't been able to get all of her winter coat off yet and so she's been rubbing on the fence rails and knocking a few down.


Overall it has been an amazing couple of weeks and the weather has finally improved to melt the snow and clear off the outdoor riding ring.  Here's to a summer of working horses and having fun! :)

~Honey & Bethany

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