Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spring riding!

It's been a while since I managed to post about us and this will be yet again a rather short post.
Riding or no riding, that was the question lately! Mostly I ended up riding and training lots, however, the few 'free' days I had over the last weekend ended up cleaning the stable instead of riding. Though it didn't train the horse, it surely trained me. :) And after all, it's a noble task to get everything clean and in order. Nevertheless, I've been looking forward to riding and yesterday I finally managed again and ended up with a 1 1/2 hour ride. First it was a lot of training and then a nice short trail ride. I like to end any training/ride with a trail ride, no matter how 'short' it is. Today, after work, there wasn't much time left and I got to the stable wondering if I get to ride at all, but when I arrived, the others there urged me to join them. So I sprinted to get the horse from the pasture, brushed her in no time and was ready in time for a short, bareback trail ride with a group of people and their non-curly horses. Before we went on the ride, the others examined the curly and said, she had grown again. I probably looked quite confused and took a closer look and .. doh!.. she did grow more!!! I hadn't really noticed.. probably because I see her every day. But they were right. My 'smaller sized' curly is growing into a rather 'large' horse! :P I wonder how huge she's going to be. Getting on without a saddle is slowly turning into gymnastics, hihi.

Sadly, I don't really get to take many pictures at the moment and didn't find enough time to post any. I hope I can post more in the future so that you all can see the horse too and not just hear about her.

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