Monday, October 19, 2009

Catching the Last Rays

AhD and I caught those long fall evening rays on this power line ride. It was absolutely beautiful, warmer than the 40 degrees it’s been, and AhD was in forward mode big time. We skipped up and down the steep, rocky terrain. AhD was very energetic and kept me on my toes, but didn’t offer one single scoot or fake spook. The color of the drying wildflowers reminds me distinctly of AhD, a beautiful shade of reddish brown with creamy tips of fluff. This was the very last strong stream of sun before it disappeared and our ride became shadowed. We crossed over the stream with nary a problem and stepped over some gorgeous deep red moss. I don’t think I’ve ever seen moss such a shade, but a photo will have to wait for another day due to the poor light conditions. There’s nothing like riding a handsome, forward Curly to relieve the stress of a Monday!


  1. Susan, I think it has been months since the Dr. has let me on my horse and it will be a while longer, my stomach surgery has to heal more. I just want you to know the I like reading about your trips on AhD and am with you in sprit. Also thanks for the great pictures, I am waiting for the day I can ride again.

  2. Shoot, Harold, I actually put the beautiful faded red saddle blanket on AhD for this last ride, but I had no one but me to take pictures. I thought you'd appreciate it, as usual. Looking forward to hearing your stories once you are back in the saddle, and I haven't forgotten that YOU STILL OWE US A STORY FROM YOUR BADLANDS TRIP.


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