Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Colors in New England

Fall colors are everywhere you look in Maine right now. I was dying to get out for a ride on AhD, but we had wood to cut up and store in the shed first - five hours worth. Finally, with the sun waning and the wind blowing, we got out on a BEAUTIFUL ride! Out back on Jason's loop, I noticed many of the trees are yellow instead of red this year. But, then I made a great discovery! Jason made a new trail through the woods!It was littered with red maple leaves making a beautiful carpet. Since AhD has not been out in two weeks, the air was crisp, the wind was blowing....I figured I might be in for an "interesting" ride from an overly naughty guy. So, I before I started the ride, we did a small refresher in giving to pressure and staying out of my space. I also did not allow AhD to snatch one blade of grass or one leaf on this ride (I have been reading how this has helped the Denise/Reese team), and I kept my seat and cues as relaxed as I could. All of these things combined to work wonders, and we had a spectacular time out in the crisp fall air!Just look at the color in these leaves I found up off Back Street! AhD was FULL of vigor, and when we weren't bushwacking he walked so fast that he seemed to be gliding. He also gaited quite a bit, which was also awesome.I enjoyed this ride very much. I know Betsy and Zoe went out for a trail ride into new territory today, and I can't wait to hear about it. Harold, best wishes out to you to be back in the saddle soon!

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  1. Loved the pics, always! Gosh, your colors are so vibrant and beautiful. And really cool about the grass snatchin! I didn't know AHD was like Reese in that way...too funny. I can't tell you how much more I enjoy my rides now that Reese isn't constantly testing me with trying to grab a nibble here and there. Keep it up girl! Thanks for always sharing......
    p.s. I saw you trimmed AHD's mane. I've been meaning to do that to Reese's too this year. It needs a fresh restart. =]


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