Sunday, October 18, 2009

Racking up RAC in hand

I am in the middle of doing some trail horse training....tuning up our mare "Ally" for packing and training our mare Izzy ( she is for sale ;-) to pack....both mares will be used on our 10 day trip of camping/hunting on the rim of Hells Canyon. We had advanced the mares from hobble training, standing tied quietly for very long periods of time, general handling, and now..packing supplies and fresh game. We packed both the mares with fresh game meat on Friday, and they handled it like they had done it forever. Mike loaded the mares up with water jugs filled almost full..the water sloshed around and make a whole lot of noise, we then added fresh game meat too. I have to once again THANK Denise, for having an in hand section of RAC...on a year that I have had little riding time, this has been a wonderful goal for me to RAC up the miles on!

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