Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mud Season is Here!

Mud season has found it's way to VT again!  It was 46 here this morning and sunny.

Honey and I managed to make it out down the road for a nice ride.  We were able to work around the mud and do some walk trot work with transitions.  I even had her reaching for the bit and using her topline for an extended period of time (huge step for her).

I am looking forward to when the arena clears of snow so that we can begin some real work on getting her more balanced and evenly muscled.

 April is going to be fun with the contest, I just hope that the weather agrees to stay nice.

I'm pretty sure that
I managed to pull a small dog's worth of hair off of Honey as well today.  And she still has more shedding!

We will keep you posted as we go!  Hope you are all getting out there and getting your Horsey time in :)

-Bethany & Honey

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