Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Horsey time again :-)

Hi all,
Well, just due to circumstances (injury, christmas, extreme cold weather and lots of puppies) my pony time these past few months hasn't been near what it has been in the past.  But now... nicer weather, feeling good and puppies gone... it's HORSEY time again!

I'm a graduated Level 3 Parelli student and intend to work towards my Level 4 this year.  So, we have been playing with some new concepts and advancing other ones.  It's going to be a fun season!  He is my all around horse.  I don't think there is much I couldn't do with this boy.

Lately we are working on flying changes.  I pony my arab off of him.  I taught him to drive last year. We do loads of tricks, I can do online, liberty and bridless riding.  I love the obstacle stuff with him.  This year, I hope to do some jumping with him too.
So, just a few little pictures of us and what we have been up to...

This is me and my kids.  I'm on Sunny who also carries my 4 year old daughter in a buddy saddle.

This is me, pony'ing my son and his horse on trail.

Me on my arab and Sunny taking amazing care of my sister in law out on a trail ride W/T/C

Sunny helping me walk the dogs... this is our 'arena'.... it's  a closed road next to our house.  This is where we practice our leads and gaits, etc.  

On trail .... maple bush.

One of my favorite tricks... Sitting!

I'm taking the picture of the skidoo that just passed us.

Giving the dog mushers room to go by.

And this is us today... I'm practicing some games on our new rope length!  45 feet!  It's harder than it seems!  To influence a horse that it 45 feet away!  I have asked him to do a half circle and stop at the fence... I was happy that he stayed facing the fence (maintaining his direction) AND that he's almost knee high in snow... and still trying!  

And the pedastal... always a fave.... but this time... snow covered!  Figure out your feet my boy!  

He is a wonderful Curly.  I'm blessed to have him.  

Cyndi & Sunny in Ontario, Canada

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