Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Finally Made it

It seems that spring is finally here!  The Curlies are the only two horses we have that are shedding right now.   They are so easy to shed out (all of the hair comes off in bunched together curls instead of all over the place like other breeds) it makes like so much easier.  Here's a photo of what I mean, it's not all of it obviously but you get the point ;)

I managed to make it out for a few hours and enjoy this incredibly warm weather that we have been having this week.  The sun is shining and birds are chirping, it's such a good feeling.

I even got to do some walk trot
work with Honey since the road was deserted and got some canter in too :) all in all it was a darn near perfect day to

I am hoping to make it out again some this week.  And it looks like I may be entering my first ever horse show in May so Honey and I could use all of the work possible.  Can't wait for the ring to melt so that we can use it again!

My Senior Project is coming along great and if anyone would like a digital copy when it is finished or the link to the finished Prezi I will gladly provide it.  So far the paper is half way finished and I am feeling really good about the entire thing :)

Honey sends her love
(hair too since its everywhere)
-Bethany & Honey


  1. WOW !!!! I lost track of this mare years ago...it is always so heartwarming to see horses being loved and a great member of the family. I always loved this mare. She lived with us a number of years. Thank you for sharing....RAC not only shares adventures, it helps connect people and horses.

  2. It really does! I am leasing her from Cynthia and she loves this mare tons. This mare and I have been through so much in the last year and she has helped to overcome so much :)

    1. Excellent...payback....you might be interested to know that early on in her training, Honey was extremely scared by a bad riding experience....it was before we got her, brought her home and spent a summer getting her confidence back...she is so sensitive in a good way, and I bet that is why she is doing her best for you! she is giving us humans some payback.

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  4. She is a beautiful mare! You make a great team! Please do share your link when you are finished. Sounds like an amazing ride!