Tuesday, March 3, 2015

13 miles

Today we DID get out!  Phew!  Felt good!
Sunday my two neighbours and I planned to go out!  We were going to HIT THE TRAIL!  And that we DID!   Jeannie picked me up at 10:30 and we rode to Kelsa's for 10:45.  Lovely weather.  
We chose to take the main trail which is also a main ski-doo artery but Jeannie and I had rode last weekend and had had GREAT success trotting AND CANTERING past skidoos!  So, we were game.  
We saw SO MANY skidoos!  Wow!  But our horses were completely amazing!  We 'got our leadership on' and our horses responded beautifully.  We passed them head on as well as them passing us.   We would just keep on trotting!  Lalalalallalaa, no skidoo there... nothing to worry about... lalallalalalala 

So, then, we passed some skijorrers.  A couple skiing, each with one dog pulling them.  They were lovely people!  Super enthusiastic and happy to see others out enjoying the day!

But then... we got to Indian Creek... (the other end of the forest) and low and behold... mushers!  
There was an embankment, so we stayed back to allow them room to pass by without getting their dogs all in a stir.

So now, onto the embankment... lol... I had put Sunny up to it first and he went to start over it but it wasn't super packed so he sunk in a bit.   So I retreated, not asking him to do it and I tried to find another path.... while I looked for another route, Jeannie gave the embankment a go.  Elvis would get about 3/4's up and then sink a bit and said FORGET IT!  
I had seen enough of Elvis go up and NOT really sink much... so I went back and ASKED Sunny to go up... and he did :-)  And the other two horses followed :-)  Love my Curly!

This is us coming up to the MUSHERS GATHERING!  Oh dear....
They were NOT happy with us being there!  Setting their dogs off and putting hoof holes in the trail... but... (and I'm going to check tomorrow) I'm almost positive we are allowed there.  Where we were was a main concession and NOT a designated MUSH trail... 
Anyhow, they weren't friendly....

This is the SAME parking lot that Donna (with Linus) and I go to for our Annual Pink Ribbon Ride!

This is us looking back at the mushers who were inevitably still cursing us....

We chatted with some people there that were just out for a ski and then off we went back home.  
I think we did about 13 miles.  

Sunny has been a bit grouchy because he hasn't been getting out enough!!!  He is used to getting out EVERY DAY! Sometimes twice day!  And Since before Christmas, with my rib injury, then cold, then puppies.... he has BARELY been out.  He will walk around the paddock, swinging his head in frustration!  And when I go out to do tricks, he's just GROUCHY!  He wants OUT!!!!!  He had become an athlete... and he (seemingly) enjoys all (or most) of our activities!  So, for me to just barely go out and pet him... he was NOT happy.  He's been frustrated being all cooped up.  
Even when he plays with other horses, he's quite an aggresive player!  Lots of charging and spinning and bucking!  So, he has had no where to channel that energy!  
Today though... he did!  We had some absolutely LOVELY and wonderful canters.  He's so much more confident and relaxed and emotionally stable now!  It's so great.  We were working a little on lead changes.  Still sticky to the right.... but better.  

Anyhow... that's a little update for now!  Sorry I haven't been posting.  Busy with Puppies!  But they are almost all ready for homes now so hopefully I will get in more riding AND more blogging!

Cyndi & Sunny in Eastern Ontario, Canada

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  1. Amazing ride for sure Cyndi! It was a very beautiful day - what happened to that weather?? I thought we were done with double digit cold!! I think it is supposed to be another nice weekend though so hopefully you get Mr. CabinFever back out there again!