Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Fever

Anyone living in colder climates has probably dealt with Spring Fever.  It's a common disease that hits as soon as you get a slightly warmer day in early March.  Well folks...we didn't get a slightly warmer day we got 50's and 60's!  Spring  Fever is worse then ever this year.

The symptoms are needing to be outside all the time, shedding layers of clothes, horses on your brain all the time and wanting to ride for hours a day.

Well my symptoms are even worse due to Theo jumping the gate to his pasture 2 weeks ago and hurting him self as he landed on ice.  Thankfully it's nothing to serious but until I had the Chiropractor out I didn't want to ride him because his was still struggling with soreness.

Friday he had his adjustment and wow it should have been recorded.  He gave so much feed back after she made adjustments that would prove to any skeptic that Chiro does work on horses.  I'm also happy to say as of last night he was feeling so much better that  I am going to start working him again today!

In other Curly news from my little herd.  Jane was moved to the same barn that Theo is at so we can do more arena work.  She will be representing the breed at the Midwest Horse Fair this year so I want her riding her best.  We had a lesson with our instructor yesterday and he said she was trotting the best he has seen.  She will be going to a clinic next weekend as well so we will be making a lot of progress hopefully before the Fair.  

I normally give my working horses a trace clip in the winter if they are riding in an indoor so they don't overheat during work but Jane was going to the Fair so I didn't want this strip of baldness along her sides.  She got so sweaty during our lesson though I had no choice...It all came off.  I'm still not sure what to do with her feathers because I don't want to clip them for the summer.  

We always get asked at the Fair what Curly's look like in the summer...well now we can show them!

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  1. Hahahaa, I love how you started your post! Spring Fever has hit here too - even though we had snow again last night and it's still snowing now. I smiled at Theo's feedback from his adjustment! Must have been fun to watch!
    What a difference with the clip! That must have been quite a pile of hair on the floor!!! I'm a big fan of fetlocks (maybe because it's the only spot Linus shows a lot of breed coat characteristics??), so my hair-biased opinion would be to leave them!!! People will love seeing it and I bet you hear some "wow it looks like she's got curly stockings on"