Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Boys are Back in Town!

Can't believe I forgot to post, but I had a glorious horsey afternoon this past Sunday. My friend, Bernie and her gelding Lucas, live nearby so we try to ride together as often as we can. It's nice to meet up for a ride and not have to lose the time trailering somewhere takes! Her family owns the land I have been riding on a lot this winter. They have beautiful trails through their bush so it is much better than having to think about sharing the road!

Our boys, Linus and Lucas, love each other. They trailer together like pals and always get along. We call it the "bro-mance". They haven't seen each other since last November for the Santa Parade, so they sure enjoyed being able to get out again.

Bernie and Lucas make a perfect match. He is 1/2 Friesian, 1/4 Percheron and 1/4 Arab. And he loves to prance! I think he knows he is gorgeous. We pick at her because when we ride in the parades, all you hear is "ooh, look at the black one"

We had  wonderful time following trails and breaking trails too! These are 2 fair sized horses and were often knee deep! 

We had a nice trot home where there were some kids waiting to meet Linus! They are family friends but forgot we had horses so were very thrilled that there was one saddled up who would soon be there!

Hunter was a bit daunted at first when he met Linus. Not that Linus is a Goliath or anything, but he is bigger than the average saddle horse around here. When Hunter got over it and saw how quiet and friendly was, he opted to get on...his very first time on a horse!! 

This is one thing that is so freakin' great about these Curlies. Linus has given quite a few first rides now and the earliest came when he himself was less than a year old!! (my one year old son and niece)
And now, at almost 6, I know he is the perfect horse to have around for those first rides. I think it helped Hunter relax knowing Linus had just done a big trail ride too!! 

His sister didn't want to get on. I think she was a bit scared to. She settled for meeting my son's Paint, Cookie. She thoroughly enjoyed it. 

And here are some pictures Bernie took of Linus and I on our bush ride. 

I sure hope we soon get many more!

Donna and Linus

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