Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere....

For those of you who know that Zac Brown Band song, I couldn't help but singing it while working with Linus today because he did just that for the first time in his life; go knee deep in water!!!!! I couldn't play in the water with him yesterday because there was a thin layer of ice on it all day! It is hard enough to keep my own footing while leading him through it without adding a crunchy layer to the mix!! And my regular boots are taller than my insulated ones so today just made for an all around better day!!

Linus just loves this scrumptious grass that is in the middle of the wet spots, and I don't mind because it helps him to relax! I have never known a more food-oriented horse!

Eventually I had to persuade him to give up his snack and that we were actually working on something here...oh and the above picture is really showing how much weight he has lost! This is a good thing! We have been working on getting him in shape! Actually we have both lost a few holes on our belts and neither seems to be complaining!

I was just a touch too slow to get the picture but his next steps here took him up to and a tad bit over his knees!!! I was cheering him and rubbing his neck. My Mom was in the house and happened to look out and she later told me she had said "what on earth is she making that poor horse do now!" Ha ha, Linus doesn't look too poor to me!

YAY Linus!! We moved around and splashed and stayed in the water for quite some time. I was so happy that once he got in the water he wasn't panicking and wasn't looking for a way out. He was totally surrounded by it so no matter which way he went he had to splash out! I purposely made him go through the deepest part and even had to grab him to keep from losing my own footing a few times! I find that once he has his feet wet the first time,  he is pretty good with depth after that! I was chatting with my husband earlier (he is still in Australia) and he said next we will have to try moving water! I know just the spot and I know Bernie and Lucas have crossed it already so maybe next time we are on the peanut line we'll attack that! 
I did learn that Becky's Curly, Sam, also would not cross where Linus refused on that trail. Exact same spot. But he went through other water just like Linus is. We are wondering if it an extra spooky looking spot. The other horses we were with that day had crossed it before. It stretches the whole width of the trail and there is brush up tight to it so you cannot go around. The trail dips down and slightly turns off so after a horse crosses in front it looks like he disappears on the other side...that must look pretty confusing to a first timer. None of us thought of that until we were talking about it tonight. So next time we are going to do that trail from the other side first and see if it makes a difference! (that was our AHA moment...)

Look at me!! I'm playing in water and there isn't even anything for me to eat!! 

Oh sure Elizabeth and Lucy have to come over and show off. I make a big deal of Linus going in the water and I think maybe they were looking for some praise too! I feel like we were providing some midday entertainment for them! 

I ransacked the Dollar store tonight so Linus should be in for a few surprises next time!! I am really trying to cover all the bases for a parade so I got silly string, balloons, air horns, cap guns, a tambourine and a duck whistle! We have played with some of that before for RAC challenges but the tambourine and air horns will be new. I had to laugh, the label on the air horn says "Warning - emits a very loud noise when deployed. Always stand far away from individuals and animals" Ha ha ha, no! That is why I bought it!! I'm not going to stick it in Linus' ear but I am definitely going to make sure he is close enough to get how loud it can be.

Oh and I was just talking with my friend Bernie...we may actually do 2 parades!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!

Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. Woot! Woot! That's great! I think you've got the water thing down now! Water can be so deceiving to look at for a horse. So many variables, shiny, dark, moving, et cetera. And the parades! You're going to be set! I have to laugh now at the warning labels on things. It warns you about the item and the warning is usually exactly what you want it to do!

  2. Thank you!! : )))
    My favourite is the peanut butter jar that says "may contain nuts"..... I REALLY freakin hope so!!

  3. Funny about the horn - kind of like McDonald's warning that this coffee is hot....DUH! Linus is making such great strides in conquering his water wariness. As far as you and Becky trying to figure out why the heck your Curlies refused that water crossing, sounds like it makes sense. I am forever doing that with my riding buddies, hashing and re-hashing, trying to figure out how our horses' brains work! We are merely human but we try.

  4. Okay Donna this is the first time you have disappointed me on this, I really was expecting a video so I could hear you singing to Linus, next time maybe,,,,,, I think you will do just fine in you parade and all the water crossings from now on,, you do great....... don't forget next time I get to hear you sing

  5. Hahahaha!!! Harold!! Ok, ok I promise to "serenade" you and Linus!! Maybe tomorrow morning! I waited 2 hours for the vet to come for his vaccinations today and then they had to cancel because he had too many emergencies. I hope its a go for tomorrow!! Any particular song you have in mind?? I'll warn you, there's a darn good reason why I only sing in the car or to Linus!


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