Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Update on our lessons

 After 8 weeks of working outside the carriage, I returned to my carriage to drive in today's lesson. My work with Legacy from the ground transferred easily for her to the carriage. Today we worked at the walk and trot, with special consideration on the "whoa"  not because we can not whoa,  but because I had not been releasing soon enough, and Legacy was in the habit of stepping back. We need a clean, proper whoa...so, we practiced!
Practicing and learning the "feel" of my proper seat is just as important in the carriage as in the saddle. It makes a world of difference in how Legacy goes, so we practice. I tend to lean forward, so over the next few months I will be practicing to lose that error in position.

We ended on such a nice note. I sure have a lot of things to practice,  but, I love to practice...much rather practice this, than the piano practice I had to do as a kid...I was not very good at the piano at all.

OH,  I almost forgot to mention...today qualified as my "stormy/windy weather day"  the wind blew like mad, and it poured rain hard on our arena roof...not a quiet lazy day of weather..and my horse was just as quiet and calm as usual. Don't you just love curlies?!?!?


  1. Linda, I would never think that the position of your seat in the carriage would transfer to the horse, but I can understand that now you pointed it out! It seems like alot of carriages I've seen drove, the driver is leaning forward. Good for Legacy to do all that in the bad weather! If it's anything like what we've been experiencing, that is excellent! Brings back memories to me of my only carriage ride and the horse spooking and away we went! I wish it had been a Curly, not whatever kind of horse it was.

  2. Thanks Janeen, position is just about as important as when you are in the saddle. It can make a huge difference in how the horse moves out. Our weather has been pretty wild here,
    Have to ask...how did that carriage ride you took (at high speed I presume?) end? hope you were safe.....scary!

  3. Eight weeks of prep? Wow, you sure are dedicated to having the best performance possible. Are there driving shows in your area? Will you compete next year? You back looks straight as an arrow. :)

    1. Thanks Susan, yep, 8 weeks of prep. A good part of that was working Legacy back into shape after her minor injury from a bad shoeing job. Also, I wanted her strong enough physically to keep her proper frame ...in other words, for there to be no difference in her frame when she is on the lunge line, OR when she is in the carriage...as we have achieved that goal. Yes, I plan to compete next summer, there are limited area shows, so I must be ready for the opportunity when it comes.
      The 8 week prep has also developed Legacy and my trust bond, sharpened her mind and body for voice commands and helped fill up the tiny holes in MY training.


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