Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Taking western lessons again!

finally , now the horses at home and my arena is ready I found a nice woman western lessons will give me!I 'm the last 2 weeks already started to improve the condition of cinderella so we can start with our first lessons again.Unfortunately I have no good pictures of cinderella and me.Hopefully my new instructor they make during class .... we also have a 8 run in trot , after a number of times that went nicely so we can say with pride that we have the first runs.Bucky I also just geraind lately , unfortunately it can sometimes be very stubborn , so I sometimes think of selling , but a replacement for Bucky is hard to find .My youngest daughter find Bucky also fun and want to keep him , she is also very stubborn self .It is very difficult to get your kids to learn to ride on a stubborn pony !Starting next week also gets anouk officieek riding lessons on Bucky .
I do my best to Friday some photos to post of riding lessons.( If the weather is because we have a lot of rain )

greetings marjolein


  1. Marjolein, that's great about the lessons! I've thought about doing that during the winter since it's hard to ride in the winter here I read a saying just the other day that said something to the effect that it's so rewarding to stick with a horse even if it's difficult at first because your reward of making it through the tough times is so high! I'm sure you'll get through this!

  2. I agree with Janeen! I am glad you are taking western lessons, and I look forward to seeing pictures of you and Cinderella - a Cowgirl and her trusty Curly mount.

  3. Marjolein, sounds exciting to say the least, really does sound like you are having a ball with your horse,,, On the western riding are you gonna strap on a six gun ?????

  4. Good stuff Marjolein! Sometimes stubborn plus stubborn makes a great combination! My combo is 2 redheads! That's a whole lot of stubborn that can happen with Linus and I! I wouldn't trade it though! They will work towards their common ground and be all the stronger team for it! Best wishes!

  5. thank you all for your support, today Bucky just run trough the fence again, i really hate him whene he does it and want to sell!!!! i don't understand! i have the highest voltage on my energyzer!!!!

    if you know somebody who will buy a curly pony, just let me know!


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