Saturday, November 23, 2013

That gut feeling

I knew it.....I just knew something would happen today...that is the feeling in my gut as I took out my horse to work. Legacy has been working so well, not a misstep in weeks. She is not perfect of course, but her work ethic has been really superb and our communication is so great. But....I had that feeling we sometimes get,  that gut feeling that today would be different.

Our warm up was fine, and my gut feeling was starting to dissipate a up, hitching and driving a bit so we (mostly me) could practice driving movement, which is following your horse's head/body action with your hands.

and happened...that thing I KNEW was going to happen...well, it happened.  When I pulled my carriage forward, over Legacy's back and towards the harness tugs (the loop that holds the shaft)  something happened...and my glasses got flipped right off my head!  Legacy was not the one that caused the mishap though, it was all me ;-0   so, I am stuck,  holding the shaft, cause it is not in the tug yet, AND my glasses lay on the ground, inches from a really large hoof.  Spending a moment to think over the I finish the shaft hook up? or let it drop to the ground while I retrieve my glasses first.....I looked again,  one big hoof and one pair of, I spoke real sweet to Legacy and finished the shaft, securing it into the tug loop.  Legacy has long ago been trained to stand,  stand while I harness, stand while I unharness, stand, stand, stand....and stand she I could finish my job, and pick up my really dirty glasses. And then...all the tension went out of my body...LOL....I knew something would happen, it happened and we carried on to have a really nice drive on a beautiful sunny day.  I love my curly horse..........!


  1. YOU SCARED ME! I was on pins and needles reading your post! So glad that nothing serious happened and you went on without a "hitch" pun intended! =] Goes to show what a great horse you have there..and your training paid off..AND your own awesome horsewoman skills and intuition. Good job!!

  2. Something did happen! Your horse remembered her training and did as she was told, so your glasses weren't crushed! That's awesome! Keep up the good work!

  3. Linda, it is just good to hear somebody admit they made a mistake not the animal, sounds like a job well done deserving a good ride for you Good horse lady me thinks

  4. Thanks Denise, Janeen and Harold....I love your comments and sharing in my moment....yesterday the local flock of quail flew out right next to my arena as Legacy and I passed by....Legacy never batted an eye ;-0 training and a good mind, but as we know, the training can be worthless if the mind won't absorb it. curlies rock! Being able to share our experiences is something RAC is unique and such great moral support.


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