Sunday, November 3, 2013

Parade Training!

The group of us that rode together last weekend were going to get together again today but we cancelled because the weather wasn't supposed to be very good and mainly because we figured the trails and footing were going to be horrible. So I spent the weekend making Linus go through the horrible footing!! : )

Now what is she making me do!

Ugh, Donna really? Water again?!

Linus was only a slight bit hesitant at first with the water but he decided to give in and go through it in way less time than yesterday. My goal is to lead him through the water with absolutely no hesitation at all right from the start. He walked through it calmly in hand for me this afternoon after I got him in the first time. It turned into a gorgeous afternoon.

I updated my ipod last night and added bagpipes to it. So today Linus and I worked to the sounds of the pipes, Christmas marching bands and the odd siren and alarm thrown in too. The Jaws sounds that he didn't like yesterday didn't even get an ear flick out of him today! After walking through the largest wet spot in the pasture several times I went and got the Canada flag that I brought out to play with. I have used a flag with Linus before but it has been some time! 

He was not at all frazzled by it and we did have some good gusts of wind come up and make it ripple. I swung it all around him and over him.

I hadn't brought my tack out because I had planned on just doing some groundwork. I figured with the music, water and flag that that would be enough. But, Linus was taking it all in stride and doing so well that I brought him to the far end of the pasture by the road where my Dad has a snowblower for the tractor sitting on a wagon for sale. I tied the lead up to the rope halter, moved Linus beside the wagon and clambered on. This wagon is pretty darn handy!! Then I walked him back over to the wagon and leaned down to grab the flag! What a stretch, I thought for a minute I might eat the wagon but my sturdy boy waited patiently!
I was so darn proud of him. I think I may have had a touch of crazy in me today to be riding bareback in the rope halter, with a flag and music! Oh well, it went to awesome. The only slightly odd moment was when Allie trotted a bit and Linus did too and the flag blew across my face!! I laughed it off and we carried on. 

I hope these load properly. I think it is the first one that has the music changing from an alarm to a pipe band. I dropped the lead to take the video so I think Linus did pretty good! He made me very proud today!

The music and flag worked really well for making Allie leave us alone. If she got too close I just waved it and said "Go away Allie" and she did! She is so filthy!! She's the biggest pig of a horse I ever knew. My Dad had her all brushed and cleaned up before they were put out front!

We played around with some silhouette shots....I just kind of let him amble around for a while and make sure he was good with the flag blowing on both sides, up in the air and down to his legs etc.

In true Linus fashion he was desperate to get it in his mouth. I think you can see in one of the videos where he succeeded. 

I started with the reins under the halter but didn't like the way it was pulling so I leaned forward and switched them. Managed to do it without slipping off and without dropping the flag!

The neighbour was out and I was going to flag him over to take some pictures and video for us. I have known him for 20 years and he has watched me grow up and now has watched Linus grow up too. But, someone pulled in and they started loading a truck and trailer which was great because it added to the noise of our outing!

I am going to keep at the water and the music training. The next step is going to be working in the dark with lights!! I haven't figured out a parade costume yet but I want to incorporate the battery pack lights somehow. I have friends who drove their team in a parade a couple of years ago and they zip tied lights to all of the harness and put small net lights on the collars. It was awesome!! 
I am feeling more and more confident about Linus being able to handle a parade. I was hoping for our first one to be a daytime but there aren't too many locally that are. 
Hope that's enough pictures and video for you Harold!!
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. As I said to you a couple of minutes ago Donna, great horse and rider, I really do like the shadow picture, It would have been nice to have chaps on don't you think "" Great pictures and nice story line you two have done great.

    1. I forgot to mention, a couple more pictures would have been nice, but I was happy with these, I didn't get no video though, great pictures and I smiled

    2. went back to double check and I don't get your videos, sorry, but they don't show here, don't know on your other question but I sure do know they are worth putting on to stay warm and protect from the brush, if you have any of the sort of thing in your neck of the woods. Just think you can wear them when you are chasing my buddy big foot through the woods and your legs will be protected

  2. Thank you Harold!! Where I wrote about "I hope these load properly..." if you click the picture above and below that they are both videos : ) enjoy and I think there may soon be chaps appearing....maybe then my legs won't be so "chapped" is that how they got named?

  3. Great job, Donna! I'm amazed at the bases you're covering and I don't see any reason why he won't be ready for a Christmas parade! Or Thanksgiving parade!

  4. Thanks Janeen!! Our Thanksgiving was last month and you know what, I honestly don't know of any Thanksgiving parades! I do watch some of the American ones on TV though. Like the Macy's Parade. If we can conquer lights and more sirens I think we'll be as prepared as we can be!

    1. Oh, I always forget your Thanksgiving is before ours! haha!

  5. It is amazing what that horse will do for you, Donna.

    1. Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam and all the gals wanna be squeezed,,,,,,, I am gonna get there if I have to crawl in a pair of cowboy boots, and chaps heheheheh......

  6. Thanks everyone! Oh Harold, I think we need to we some pictures of you and Curly boy!


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