Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Takings lessons again

I am sorry, i totally forgot to make some pictures last fryday, i hope i ask it next week...i learned a lot!

But with Bucky, we had a hard time...he want's to play and work, but doesn't understand there is a kimit!
sometimes we (human) decided what to do and Bucky doesn't like that!

So Anouk, my youngest daugther start horse ryding lessons again also! se will not listen to me, than we get a doesn't work that way between her and me.

so we have a "new "instructeur, the same person who also learned bucky (together with her duaghter) how to ride with a saddle....So that went very well!
she just start over... ...from the beginning!
just talking.... 


Bucky was very sweet!!!
after that...she showed Bucky and |Cinderella her birthday gift...a very easy horse!
doesn't eat bite kick or......
to bad it is not a curly!

thanks for reading!
greetings marjolein overbosch


  1. Excellent Marjolein! I want a birthday present like that too!! I hope Bucky's training goes well. It sounds like he and your daughter are a good personality match and will get along great once the kinks are worked out! : )

  2. Hi Donna, thanks for your message!
    I do think the personality of my daughter and Bucky fits perfectly! they are both not very easy to handle.......both can be very sweet, but go there own way! can't wait to see them whene they are worked out!

  3. I have heard that little girls learn more from naughty ponies than from perfect ones.... :)

  4. thanks Susan....i am getting hope again!!!!

  5. Oh Marjolein, a little head butting make for an interesting life, that's all. I really like the stuffed horse, she looks good on it. Good luck to you and have a great ride

  6. Hi Marjolein,
    I am a Parelli student and hearing your stories made me want to share instructor information with you! There are several instructors in the Netherlands that can help! I know you are just starting to take lessons again with someone but Parelli might be perfect for you and your daughter and Bucky! Parelli is VERY kid friendly! And it's way more than just riding!


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