Saturday, November 16, 2013

WE DID IT!!!!!

The LunenCornerSider Trail Riders pulled it off!! Good thing we all have big shoulders because there was a lot to overcome for us to make it this far. We had negativity, rudeness and loads of doubt! But, we stuck together and toughed it out and we had an absolute blast!! 
We started the day with a little trail ride together. Just a short one because Becky's Curly Sam hadn't ridden with the rest of us. He was kind of moody to start so I kept Linus out of his way because Linus cannot wrap his head around the fact that he isn't loved by everyone! So our pre-ride helped us decide that Sam and Roxy had better be parade partners and Linus and Lucas would be parade partners. Though I am exceptionally proud to say that Linus led for a lot of it. And he even stood to the side greeting children and being petted when there was a parade hold-up. I hadn't really planned on the meet and greet thing but Linus was so laid back and happy that we did it! He LIT UP so many little faces tonight. One little boy asked me if he was real. I thought he meant the antlers on Linus but he actually meant was Linus real. You just can't match that feeling. We made his night by getting to pet a real, live and very friendly horse!
We were slower than we wanted in trailering into the city but Linus hopped off the trailer and immediately began eating grass! And then he tucked into his hay bag when I hung it up for him. I LOVE MY HORSE! He didn't bat an eye at the bands warming up and didn't even look at the other horses that were there. Maybe he knew they had been very rude to us before we even unloaded our horses.....

Linus is wearing one of his new coolers that I got him so he wasn't chilled after sweating in the cooler weather. We did have beautiful weather for today!

We didn't have time to get ALL of our costume on but I think for our first parade we look pretty good!

Sorry, these did not turn out well. Our pooper scooper gals took the pictures for us. From left to right is Bernie and Lucas, Linus and I, Roxy and Megan, Becky and Sam

Above is Becky and Sam. He is a Curly gelding. He is extreme and some people along the route called out about his not having a tail so Becky was telling them it is his breed and to look it up once they got home.

We're a well lit group!

This is my sturdy boy behind a restaurant at the end of the parade. Our driver had to bail so my husband drove Becky back down to get the trailer. It was a good cool out time for the horses. I was so thrilled Owen and Stu were able to make it to the parade. Owen was sick most of the night from a bad meal where we went out for supper. He had a good sleep and made it. He had a cowboy with Christmas lights on so I could spot him. I gave him a kiss and it was so cute!

I'm still in awe of Linus. The pre-parade wait time was no issue at all. We were at the end of the parade and the last group before Santa. So not only were our horses well behaved but we also had a transport truck blasting its horn following us. It kept making me jump but Linus held his cool! 
While we were waiting to start the parade, he stood at ease with a leg rested. We walked by a band warming up and then a 4wheeler whose battery died and couldn't do the parade. But their generator was running and music blasting. The only thing Linus had any resemblance of an issue with was stepping over a speed bump in the startup parking lot. He could see there was a change but couldn't tell how big. The road paint threw him a bit at first. He looked at it but in no time was walking right down the centre line.

Wow Linus, we did it!

We had one fella shout at us that were the best part of the whole parade. I was so impressed with all of our horses. They were better behaved than the horses who do the parade every year. Which was really nice considering they had been very rude to us! 
When I woke up this morning I was more nervous than my wedding day! (no really!) But, whenever I was working on Linus it calmed me. I know I can't be nervous with him or he might pick up on it. So he really kept me calm today! And in turn I kept him calm. I could go on and on all night about how proud I am of my horse but I think it would really bore you! When I bought Linus I can remember saying how cool it would be to one day trailer out to do rides and that a parade was my ultimate goal. I can remember exactly where I stood at Lynn's when I said that. 
Thanks to Harold for being my pre-parade coach! We did it!!
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. That's awesome! So cute about the little boy thinking Linus was mechanical or not real! Sounds like it was a big parade and with all your training it was easy! Another testament to your relationship with Linus! Congrats!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and Linus and the rest of the group! Way to go, Donna. I sure hope I didn't make you feel bad with my "council" prior. I just like people to have some idea of what to expect and then they can prepare the best way possible. Sounds like Parades are his thing! Glad you had a safe and enjoyable time. Kudos!!!

  3. Gosh No Denise! Wasn't you at all. I really appreciated your feedback so someone who has more experience than I do, especially with parades. I shared your advice with the girls after I read it and they all agreed 100℅ with your suggestions! It was more negativity from people right around us! My husband was SO supportive and the look on my little mans face seeing Muumy in the parade right in front of Santa was all worth it! We didn't know what to expect and were fully prepared to load the horses and go if it was too much for them! Thanks again for your advice!

  4. Donna and the awesome Linus, I believe it to be the difference in training a horse yourself and not sending it out to be trained,,, I believe when you do it all yourself there is a better connection between horse and rider, a lot of people will argue this with me but I don't care you are proof of that type training and connection really liked the parade pictures and the lighting, you guys done an awesome job, thanks for the thanks but dear Donna you did it all, again job well done

    1. Thank you so much Harold! I've loved training Linus and I agree, the connection with him is incredible! He was very in tune to me and it was light controlling him. I'm somdarn proud of him for stepping up to the plate like that for me!

  5. Love your costume, love your attitude, love how your horse acted in the parade!!!!!!!!! Wonderful post, and I bet you are just on Cloud Nine. Something to remember for the rest of your life; nothing can take this great experience away. I am very happy for you. And, you even spread the joy to little ones. WAY TO GO, LINUS! Auntie Sue is proud - haha

  6. Haha, thank you SO much Auntie Sue! Love it!! I'm still way above cloud 9! If 5 hers ago someone told me I'd be buying a foal, raising him and one day riding him in a parade I would have told them to get their head checked!!! I was thrilled Linus was in the frame of mind to be greeting people (then again he is my social butterfly) its such a warm and fuzzy feeling to be bringing that much joy to kids. Especially those who never leave the city and have never seen a horse before!


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