Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Super cool Game!!!

What a great game RAC!  This kind of game inspires us to try new things and improve ourselves and our horses. 
I'm a Parelli student (just officially passed my level 2!) and I recognize many of these tasks from things that we need to do to pass our level.  We do online exercises and riding exercises for our level 2.  My online audition is here :-
But the halting square!  That's Sunny and my challenge!  I played with it yesterday and today.  Wow - it's harder than it sounds!  And I'm a dog person that has shown dogs for years and so this one is going to be fun :-)
Here is the link to the riding one:
Last night, I wanted to go out for a little ride.  For some reason I felt like Sunny had a bit of 'wind in his sails' so I threw the saddle on him rather than just the bareback pad.  Here, it is dark at 5pm!  So we went out at dusk (4:30!) and were out past dark.  I was right about him being energetic!  Let me say that we practiced our walk - canter transitions!  It was fun actually.  And just for the fun of it, I thought, hey why not some flying lead changes that follow the trail! 
I have never learned how to do flying lead changes but I 'theoretically' know how... LOL.. so once my 'decision' was made to try - it was me talking myself through it out loud and then laughing as I 'think' we did them... because, I don't really know if we actually DID them!  heheeheheh
But, I do know that as we 'went for it' he would sort of hop and have a burst of energy (hence me laughing because I felt like a big kid out racing her horse around LOL).  I know we missed one of them because he got all unbalanced and had to come down to a trot and then we started back up. 
Once it was dark and I couldn't see the trees as well I thought maybe it would be best to stop racing around.  Enter... walk - canter transitions :-)  I knew he was feeling frisky so they were easy :-))  He's almost always easy to stop so I wasn't too worried about that, it's usually the 'snappy' departure.  But we did a few of them and then the last one, where I knew he was going to want to stop I asked for a canter and then just asked with my seat for him to stop and whoa!  Slide stop!  Yahoo!  Food fun :-))

The neck reining task intrigued me.  I had taught my Arab Gulliver to do this many years ago but haven't really taught Sunny.  Although he does it a little... I think mosly he just moves off my legs.  So, in the Parelli Program, the next level that I'm going to start playing in, has a requirement that we are able to direct the horse with a neck string.  Which is the ultimate 'neck rein'!  So, on Monday, I double rode with my daughter (just at the walk) but used the neck string!  It was so much fun.  I only had to pick up my reins 3 times!  And we were out for about 30 minutes. 

Getting back to why he had a bit more energy last night... we have been teaching him to drive. The past few weeks, on our morning walks, I put on a vaulting surcingle so Rose can ride with handles and I put the long lines through the rings on the sides and drive him.  This past weekend, we put the full harness (minus the bridle since he still works on a rope halter!) and took him out for a driving lesson.  My sister in law has 2 teams of driving horses so she came out to help me. 

Rose riding with the surcingle

Here are a few of him in full harness and being 'driven'.
I took a couple of really short videos:
The last one, he is being a bit naughty and he pulls a bit because he wants to go over to the paddock.  But we had him out for over an hour! So, I can't say I blame him.  Of course we let him settle for a second and then 'drove' him past the barn and took him all the way to the road and back. 

And not to in ANY WAY try to show off because I know Donna is doing a fantastic job getting Linus through water!!! Way to go Donna!  But as you may remember, we dug a pond in the summer.  One of my 'dreams' is to swim with Sunny.  Well... during his driving lesson, I noticed that the pond was the highest it's ever been.... *hhmmmmm*  LOL!  Off came the harness and I took him over to the .... pond!  I wasn't about to go in WITH him but I did want to see if he would go....
My sister in law was awesome enough to video it for me but she wasn't sure about my camera so she missed his first trip across where he actually took 1 or 2 swim strides (he was farther in the middle of the pond the first time) but she got the return trip! 
I feel like I torture this horse sometimes!! hehehhe but he actually seemed to LIKE it!!!  he was so frisky afterwards.  And later, after we had put him away, I went back to the gate and he was already there, with his head stuck through as far as he could WANTING to come back out :-)))  Lovely! 

Cyndi and Sunny and Rose and Sheri in Bourget, ON.


  1. I watched the Almost Swimming video - HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I must admit I'm kinda jealous that you are a Parelli Level 2 and do such awesome stuff with your Sunny. I loved how you were having so much fun fooling around near dark with lead changes and walk/canter transitions. I am also working on harness training with my Curly AhD, but it keeps getting put on the back burner. We will get there eventually! And, the Halt far as I am concerned, I give up! :) AhD stands with one hind leg cocked 95 percent of the time; it's just his way. Oh well! We are just simple Trail folks anyway. ;)

  2. That's amazing Cyndi!! And heck no you're not one-upping me at all! That's fantastic that he went in that deep! My goal is swimming next summer and I'm happy to be where we're at with water! Linus used to walk through no problem as a baby but he's kind of a "prima Donna"(haha) and doesn't like to get dirty! Congrats on your new level of Parelli. I have no doubt you and Sunny will get through em all! I like your idea of having Rose ride while you drive! Makes me want to try that with Owen! So great to hear from you! I love your posts!

  3. GREAT job Cyndi!! You have been BUSY! I love all the videos....amazing team you make! I agree with Susan..I love the Parelli stuff....and am jealous that I can't seem to find the time to do it officially. I also think it's the money..but I sure would love to do something like that and gain the levels. Susan, Reese never stood square either, but after just always setting him up, he started doing it naturally. I feel like it makes everything easier if they tacking or mounting etc. Bear does it automatically, but he can easily get lazy and start sprawling out all over and I have to reset him. Nothing I work too hard at but still a good exercise for them. =] And it can serve a purpose. =]

    1. Thanks for the tip, Denise! It would be easier to tack him up if he stood square.

  4. Awesome, Cindy! I couldn't get to your ground work video, and I wanted a "Zoom" button on your riding one so I could see exactly what your hands and feet were doing!


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