Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Maine Coast Addendum

~Susan and AhD (again)
Since bad weather days and hunters are keeping my buddies out of the saddle, I thought I would make an addendum to my other post to keep you entertained.
My friend Terry sent me a bunch of pictures she took, and a few of them jogged my memory.
I love looking at stuff that washes up on the beach, and there is always a lobster trap or two to peruse.  This trip was no different.  I asked Terry to take our picture beside the lobster trap, but AhD had other ideas.
Eeeek!  What is THAT??? I can't POSSIBLY stand by that thing!
I will only relax if I am a horse-length away, because this thing could be dangerous you know!

Now that you've let me think about it, I guess it's ok, but I'm still going to keep my eye on it.

He did survive the ordeal.
Here are a few photos of us enjoying a canter or two.


And here is one of him being a good boy.  Beside and behind us is that salt water river that we did not cross, and beyond is just the most beautiful scenic Maine coast view.  It was too overcast for our cameras to capture the image, but it is engrained in my mind.  Ignore Allie's grouchy-looking ears.  He loves the beach and was probably grousing because Terry made him stand still.
A little excited.  Easy, Boy! (or Janeen, perhaps I should be saying, "Easy, Girl!")

Behind us is The Island that we dared not explore this trip

He is so relaxed here.  I love his big swingy walk.

The end of the ride, leading AhD back out to the beach to roll. Oh, and I forgot to mention in my other post, yes, I actually did pick up poops.  Another thing I forgot?  To take the plastic garbage bag full of horse manure out of the back of my husband's truck. OOPS - now that is not going to go over well if it is discovered first by Dana. :) 


  1. Really no cowboy hat ? Heck of a cowgirl you are, Terry did take some great pictures and was there any lobsters in the trap ??? Did you eat them ?? When are we going again ?? I think you are ahead of Donna on pictures now. I am gonna have to work hard to catch up to you two

  2. Susan, that looks terrific! I haven't tried Ms. Willow with a lobster trap (where would I get one? Hmmmm), but so far I haven't found anything that fazes her. She just gets this girly look on her face and says "No, I'm not going around in a circle for ya!" Such lovely pictures, though, and Denise is right, we're living through you right now because it's way too dangerous to be out there riding for us Michiganders.

  3. Love your pictures! So awesome that you have action shots!!! That's something I hope to soon get too! We're in the frozen, rough and uneven ground here so the only riding we'll be doing is the roads until we have a good layer of snow! We've finally hit the time of year when I want the temps to stay below zero! What a beautiful place to ride and SO funny about forgetting the poop in the truck!! Someone loaned me a set of harness to try on Linus a few weeks ago but it was in terrible shape and appeared as though it spent a week in hydraulic oil to soften it up. I forgot it in my trunk with the back seat down....YUCK!! I have a bad sense of smell and can't smell a skunk but that stench just about knocked me over!! I hope you get to it before Dana does!


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