Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Brief Break!

In the temperature! Wow, what a treat it is to see some of you out riding with grass visible, or even in TShirts! We are a long way off from that! Linus only just started shedding last week and that is a month late for him. 
I still had to wear long johns and chaps along with jeans, but it was so worth it to be out again! I think we will soon be setting a new fashion trend here with windburn!

We met fellow RAC participant Fred, delivering the mail. He received his RAC shirts yesterday and delivered mine today : )
They're SO nice, thank you Denise! 

We were only out for an hour, but it was one of those days where that was all it took to brighten the mood and lift the spirits...I get SO grumpy if I go too long without riding!

We had to keep it to the road because of poor footing around here but we were able to enjoy some nice, forward trots and even a nice canter. We have been working on the cues in the last year and Linus has gotten very good at moving out just with me clucking for the next gear. 

Hope you all get a chance to be out and enjoy your horses soon!
Donna & Linus


  1. Donna it Was great to see you and alittle jealous you were done your mail route and out riding while I was still working lol. Weather has finally started to break here. Hoping that this mild weekend forcast I can get out and work with Kruze.

  2. Yesterday was a fluke for me which I'm sure I'll pay for today. I only had one stop as opposed to the usual 12-20!! And the mail was very light. Doesn't happen often but when it does, I go ride before Owen is off the bus. Layer up and get out there!! : )


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