Tuesday, February 3, 2015


The cold finally let up, although it will only be briefly! Timing didn't really work out for me to get a big ride in like I had hoped to so I at least took the chance to put the horses into the front pasture for some playtime. Below, my son's Paint, Cookie is finally standing up to Linus. He is the big boss and was mighty jealous when she came along so I am glad to see Cookie doing this. Even if in play. There was no contact and they were not actually as close as they look. I just thought it was a good catch for using a camera phone!

It started to snow lightly while the horses were out. 

Linus is a nice mover. He has a lot of power to his movement whereas I find the girls are more pretty and dainty movers. Especially the Arab, Allie. She is a prancy showoff!

I love riding his trot. It is so smooth.

He is a typical Curly and always has to have his nose in the camera!

I ran to my house to get Owen off of the bus and then when we were back he helped me to bring the horses back to their paddock. He loves Cookie and they are so cute together. 
I love this picture below of Linus looking on at them. Like he is checking up on them.

I did not have any tack out, but our trailer is parked right beside the horses and we keep the halters, brushes and my buggy in it. So, I decided to be lazy and grabbed a rope halter and 2 lead ropes and rode Linus down to get the mail. I climb up on a round bale or those gates you see in the background to slide onto him... I am no vaulter, but it sure looks cool when someone can vault on!! 

Linus was a little bit thrown off by being ridden in this halter. It is a rope halter with 2 rings on it for reins so reacts quite similar to a sidepull. For never being ridden like this though, I was very happy with him! Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day here. I think around -4C and some light snow. So I am really, really hoping for a light day at work so I can get a good ride in!! Gotta put some miles on that new saddle!! : )
Donna and Linus
Lunenburg, ON

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