Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friday Fling!

After a particularly rough week, I was so glad for the opportunity to take Linus out late Friday afternoon. Yep, finally put some miles on that new saddle!! It was cold enough and I forgot I didn't have my fleece tights on or second pair of socks so I was a little cold when we got back. Thankfully we did a lot of trotting and cantering which helps stay warm!! 
I was super proud of Linus for being a cool cucumber when we met 4 school buses within a few minutes of starting our ride. I knew with a fresh, young horse I could have had some pushback but I swear he knew I was relying on him to cheer me up!! He was stellar. One bus was right at the end of our lane and then we met 3 all at the same time where our roads comes to a T meeting the next road. I just made sure he could see them all and he was fine. Last spring we had a milk truck speed past us very close to us head on and it kind of brought Linus' confidence down a bit with big vehicles. So, we worked on that a lot last year. I do use treats for traffic. It works great for us, when heavy (large) traffic goes by, he will turn his nose in towards my leg. If it's really big or scary, I make a big deal of patting my pocket and taking my time. Before he even knows it the truck is gone and he has his reward for standing calmly. I think it makes it easier for the drivers too. They see a calm, relaxed horse rather than one dancing and spinning about. I'm sure that would scare them as the last thing they would want is a collision too!

We headed up to a friends bush where there are beautiful trails. The footing is perfect so it's a great place to go and let Linus stretch his legs!! He was very forward but very responsive too. There is nothing better than that is there?! Well, maybe one thing; yesterday he was standing at the gate watching me do chores. And he had his hay already. I know he was waiting to go out for another ride. He will only leave food untouched if he wants to get out and go! Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to go but we did put all 3 horses out in the front pasture so they could run...and kick...and buck...and fart!
They were happy for the playtime! 

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