Sunday, February 1, 2015

some new tack

Well, I know some of you have raised a young horse so probably know the frustration of ever changing tack sizes!! At least halters are fairly easy to replace but saddles?! Oh my!! I won't tell you how many Linus has had. Last year I had tried so hard to get him in shaoe and he just didn't seem to be losing. Except for his girth. So I finally broke down and got him a draft saddle. It worked perfect for us...til he decided to start losing the weight I had tried to get off him...really?? Wait til I buy you a draft saddle?? Thanks! 

So funny enough, I post his draft saddle online. It sells within a few days and I agree to meet the buyer, a truck driver, before my Karate class. In the meantime, a friend picked up what was supposed to be my new saddle but was way too small for Linus. Turns out the girl who bought my saddle for her wide Haffie actually owns a Curly!! I have directed her to the blog and Curly Horse Country so maybe she'll join us : )

A neighbour deals saddles and so after trying 7 of them, I liked this one best for fit. The top photo is the before..which already included a good wipe down!! The bottom pic is after I gave it a good cleaning! I hate seeing leather neglected. 
So, hopefully if the weather warms up a tad, we will have a lot of new miles to report! We did have a great ride testing this saddle the other day but it was too cold for pictures. We went through some of our now closed cow pastures and up a trail bordering our farm. Ditches, deep snow and crust were part of the ride but then we enjoyed a nice canter on a smoother trail!! : )


  1. I know all about changing saddles Donna! Good luck with the new one!

  2. Saddle fitting is the worst! Kudos to you for putting Linus's comfort first.


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