Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snow fun

I wanted to take full advantage of the mild day, even if it was snowing quite heavily. I love the snow though and love riding in it. Some setbacks on the farm though didn't really leave me with enough time to tack up and get out on the trails I wanted to get to so I threw on the bareback pad instead and stuck closer to home. Usually by now, Linus has started his shedding, but he hasn't yet! I don't like that since he usually starts fairly early in January. Nevermind the groundhog....we have a lot of winter left!! 

We had some nice trots in the fluffy snow and tried to follow some coyote tracks but the snow was filling them in too quickly. Because we have young calves and more on the way, we try to stay on top of how close the coyotes are coming. I like using Linus for these ventures because he is smart and steady and I know that should we ever actually see a coyote he will keep his cool. Gotta love these level-headed Curlies!! 
They also can get pretty jealous though can't they!! I took my son's horse, Cookie out for a spin after I rode Linus and he does not like that! He doesn't think I should spend time with any other horse except for him. 

He seems to be getting better with it though and he knows that he is my #1 
Donna & Linus
Eastern Ontario

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