Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hello from snowy New Hampshire

I haven't had a chance to ride my curlies since the start of RAC 2015 but want to introduce us. We live in south western New Hampshire and I'll be working with 2 wonderful curlies who I purchased from Betsy Lirakis in Vermont. I mostly trail ride, attend a few clinics and try to fit in  a couple camping adventures in the warm weather. I'm looking forward to riding locally and camping at least once with my fabulous mare, Pyewacket. I've had Pye for about 9 years and she's a super kind mare with a great personality and loves to be out on the trails. My other curly is a gelding, Jockomo. I've had Jocko since he was a youngster and last summer was the first time we did any consistent work under saddle. I'm looking forward to more time riding him, exposing him to new situations and increasing his confidence in being out on the trails. He's a curious and brave character who loves to explore. I'll put up more posts once things thaw a little here and we can get out and do some riding. The footing right now is glare ice under much fluffy snow and the roads are too narrow to safely share with cars. We're doing some ground work and taking walks - another 4 -6 weeks and things should start to open up.

Here's a photo of Pye in today's snowfall and another of her under saddle this past fall.

Here are photos of Jocko both in today's snow and last fall under saddle.

I look forward to reading about others and sharing our adventures!


  1. Oh Laurie!!! I was SO delighted to see your post!! And so happy to have you as part of the RAC. BOTH your curlies are incredible. I love Jocko's build and kind eye! Can't wait to hear more!!

  2. Beautiful horses!! I've been fortunate enough to visit the very beautiful NH twice!! Specifically the Center Harbour and Hampton Beach areas. I can certainly vouch for the roads being too narrow to share....not to mention hilly, curvy, bendy etc
    Can't wait for more!


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