Sunday, February 1, 2015

Better late than never! (Julia)

"Better late than never!

Let me introduce our little team. There is "the owner" and there is me! I'm Julia (though my real name is Missouri's Golden Star), and I'm a five and a half (weirdly, people say I'm six.. hmm!) year old mare of good breeding (or so they say). I've been with my owner for almost two years now and she's pretty friendly to me. At least unless I'm trying to play mare games with her (I just love to play bite!). She doesn't seem to find that fun at all and I'm not allowed to.

Yesterday, we were out for a ride in the forest with a group of normally furred horses. It was snowy and I had been outside early playing with the others in the snow, but then my owner came and brought me to the stable, brushed me and ran around speedily. She looked pretty stressed. Eventually, all the other horses had left the stable and there I was, all alone! I got a bit insecure, but soon after, I was out too and us started on the tour through the forest. It was really nice walking up and down hill through snow and over icy patches and I didn't slide once! Somewhere close to the end, the horse in front of me got scared and started jumping around. At first i thought I had to join and jumped too, but I have no idea what caused it anyway, so I just stopped and looked around. Darn imaginary squirrels! Nothing dangerous was in sight! Rude mare making the whole group jump for nothing! Such a waste of energy with that steep hill ahead of us! Back at the stable, I was very very tired and I got some tasty mash for all the effort of carrying the owner around. It was fun!

Today I was all alone though, the owner didn't appear and I only had the herd to play with."

Sadly I (the owner) caught a cold and probably won't be at the stable the next few days. So far, the RAC hasn't really been what I expected. I started out with a hell lot of enthusiasm having followed it the past years and always wished I had a curly horse to take part in it and now that I finally got a horse and am able to join, I spend more time at work than normal, fighting with bad weather (ice, lots of rain and mud etc., having only a round pen and an open riding area, but no place to ride in which actually got a roof and the outdoor riding ring is basically unusable during winter/mud times), and having caught a cold now. Hopefully, my 'horse time' will improve during the year and I get to ride more often. Currently, I spend around 3 days riding through the forest mostly and 2 days lunging (groundwork) and have started on playing the seven games with my curly as we really need to work out some issues she has (she's a very dominant horse, or a left-brain introvert, if you believe in Parelli).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to all the exciting horse-times ahead of us!!!

Here is a picture of me from last autumn:


  1. Hang in there! Crazy cold and icy footing have us fairly laid up too but that's the time to get creative and play some games!! Teach some tricks!!
    Beautiful mare and I love how you wrote from her perspective! Same age as my Linus too : )

  2. Yes, I hear you too! Darn winter and darn health issues! Coughing, sneezing, frost bite! LOL And no where inside to ride.... but... our horses end up way more confident!
    I'm a Parelli student and those LBI's can be quite the characters! REally test your sense of humor!
    Yeah, as long as she doesn't get dominant with you, she'll LOVE the tricks like Donna menitoned!
    Where do you live?

  3. Hi, nice to read your story, my Yuma is same age and dominans and bite is also in Yuma :) I really want to read about your progress in seven games.

    ( by the way, in fb group Americna Curly in Sweden they wait for you to join in )

  4. Welcome! My efforts come and go with the weather as well. Don't let it get you down just go out when you can. I think most of us deal with the snow and cold this time of year.


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