Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday SnowfallI

What a trend we are in now. If it warms up - we get snow! It sure has been a good winter for pushing the limits...and the layers!! Today wasn't so bad though, it snowed heavy at times while I was out and it is warmer now than when I was out but ya gotta go when ya got the time!! And I had the time, so off we went! My face stung a little until I reached the trail we rode on, but I soon warmed up. 

Linus sure doesn't look like he was going to wake up does he?

But, he is good to perk up once I am on and we set off. He was very forward today. The turkeys have been driving him crazy lately with their awkward crashing around as they fly in the bush. They have also been doing a lot of squawking. 

Loved these tiny pinecones, they were the size of the tip of my thumb!
 The snow made the roads less than great, so we took the short trip to the trail easy. We're lucky to have mostly quiet sideroads and only met a couple of vehicles. We have an agreement of sorts between us. Usually for cars Linus doesn't stop, but for anything big (like the F350 with a huge plow on it that we met) I have him bend to my knee and hold for a treat. He knows a treat is coming and by the time I fish one out, the vehicle has passed. A calm horse on the side of the road is good for the ride and good for the driver!! It has also come in handy too if ever in a sticky situation, I pat my pocket and say "treat" and he stops and bends to my nose. Some I think would not like that, but I think for someone who mostly rides alone, it could prove very handy down the road!

We enjoyed some nice trots and canters on the trail today and also chatted with Alec, who owns the land we were riding on. He told me some good places to go and even to ride through his cows if I wanted. He also said there were so many turkeys around because he was feeding them! He feels bad that they cannot reach their food: )

Linus meeting my husband on the side of the road. His ear is on me because I didn't want him sticking his head in the car. Stu is the reason why I have a Curly. He is allergic to horses...and mostly everything else too!!
Donna & Linus

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