Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Pony

Yesterday was lesson day.  First up, Legacy...I have been not taking lessons on a regular basis for a few, filling in the holes in my training has been a priority. Today, first up was Legacy. I had some questions on lunging, what correct (working through and over her back) and how to achieve correct.  This time of year is about the best the curly coat is all year long....soon, shedding will begin and we will be burid in masses of shedding hair.  Legacy looks awesome as she works today.

After Legacy worked,  next up was Lady.  I had much more for Lady to do in our lesson, than Legacy. This is a matter of her being fairly new to me. Lady arrived at our farm last summer...Legacy was born here 8+ years ago.  Lady is really trying. She has learned alot about our farm and what I expect of my equines.  We did quite a bit of lunge work with Lady, letting her soften, relax and reach forward. She was rather tight in the back when she first arrived,  but that has changed alot and is quite the willing student, 

After our lunge work, Lady was really relaxed and warmed we moved onto driving. I needed an extra set of eyes to help me decide if my turnout fitting was proper....I am so happy to announce we have finally got it all sorted out (well,  perhaps a bit change is going to happen)  and Lady is now comfortable, and HAPPY ......happy, happy pony...happy with lunge work,  happy with cart work....

Too bad we are having a "grey week"  these photos would have looked much better with some sunshine...but I won't complain, we have no snow but are getting plenty of moisture (the kind you do not have to shovel) .....My lesson went way over time...but hey, we have a happy pony...and what is better than a really happy pony?


  1. Happy pony = very happy handler!! Must be Legacy's coat colour but her curls really super stand out. That is a great head shot!

  2. You are right..I am happy! it has taken a while to get to this point, but the whole journey has built confidence in both of us. My instructor was so impressed with the progress we have made. Some curlies curls stand out more than others, I suspect color has alot to do with it. Legacy has perfect curls ;-0 thank you Donna!


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