Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Summer Drive

Well, it is nearly time for *CNC Summer Breeze to return home to her farm and I wanted to do just one more training exercise with her before she heads home.  Summer has done well in training,  she is a gentle little mare (12.3HH) and will make a wonderful all around pony.  To be successful in driving, a horse/pony has to be willing to go forward You do not have the support of the leg aid, when driving, so the other factors that create a willing horse/pony come into play. Today we tested that. Summer and I did a bit of ground driving outside and around the farm. The test was to see how well she handled unfamiliar territory and objects. Summer passed with flying colors! 
First I had to pass these two,  "pick me..pick me"  seemed to be what they were saying....
 Then to the work at hand.

 A little loss of contact....I really wanted her to go forward on her own,  we will pick contact back up shortly.
Still pretty soft and forward...what a good pony!  driver could have been better handling reins...hey...this IS a learning process right?  extra thanks to hubby for patient photo work while I played ;-0 


  1. Wow...where is the snow?? and the layers?? Haha, hopefully some of that is coming our way!! When she goes home will that leave Legacy being your only horse? (cannot remember if you have others)

    1. I thought someone might notice "no snow" ...we are having a warm but wet winter on the West side of the US, not much snow, but plenty of moisture.

      Legacy will not be alone, she will have pony mare "Lady" here with her...she has lived alone though, and done fine....she is a very sensible mare.


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