Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snowy Sunday Funday

Well we finally had a break in the weather after getting 6 inches of powder and today turned out to be a whopping 31 degrees out!  All of the horses got to go out and enjoy the snow and I was finally able to get in some riding.  Took Honey down the road and it was beautiful (snow falling off of the trees and so much warm sunshine).  The Curlies are starting to shed here in VT and there's hair everywhere!
 Honey was not as impressed with me wanting to ride as I was and with a little coercing we made it out for two hours on the road and maybe even a little "off-roading" ;)  I am really looking forward to this snow melting and being able to do some more work in the ring and on trail.

I am almost finished with the research portion of my senior project!  Now to just sit down to write the 20 page paper and prepare my 15 minute presentation. 

I even managed to snag a short video on Honey to show you all how much snow we had and just how beautiful today was. :)

Hope you are all staying warm and enjoying your "Horsey Time."

~Bethany & Honey

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  1. Beautiful pictures! So nice that you were finally able to get out. What a harsh winter it has been. Linus has started shedding, but the mares haven't (they aren't Curlies) and he is about a month late to start his shed too. I hope March isn't a record-breaker for cold like February is!


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