Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Really Great day

Nearly a month after the clinic where things do not go as planned, I took the driving lines again from the box...in other words..I drove today! 
It has been an educational month....from learning proper long lining methods to putting it in practice I found my horse getting in better shape, and myself too!  Long Lining a tall, leggy horse is a workout all on its own. Legacy can really walk, I love her walk, a nice swinging walk that she inherited from her Dam.....but it is a job to keep up with. We also spent alot of time on manners, and how is really the top mare in the herd.
After weeks of long lining, I hitched Legacy to a tire to pull.  I wanted to see how well she was pushing into her breastcollar and pulling a load...she passed with flying colors. Today, I hitched my carriage and we went for a very short drive...my nerves were instantly settled when she walked off  without a fuss, like the awesome mare that she is.
This coming weekend is a competition, I don't know if I will compete or not, but I will be doing lessons, and I hope to have lots of time to drive the beautiful grounds of Olivia Farms.


  1. Super job Linda! I am so happy to hear that Legs is "back in action". Good luck on your upcoming weekend. I am so proud of you!!!!! I can only imagine what kind of walking you had to do - Legs can walk out like no other horse I have seen.

  2. This is fantastic news! You are so committed to the final product of a responsive, dependable driving horse; I admire that very much. Good luck and have fun this weekend with or without the show.

  3. I know you'll have a fantastic weekend whatever you do, but good luck if you compete! Let us know!


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