Thursday, June 20, 2013

Been awhile....

After returning home from our last event in May - we have suffered some irritating horse injuries - kicks, cuts, etc.  Nothing serious, just time off from riding and training.  (Boys will be boys playing out in the pasture......)  However, I did manage to compete with Traveler's son - Timbuktu - in a one day combined training event.  I have to tell you that I think the one day events - where you cram in dressage, stadium and cross-country can be a bit much for a horse starting out.  Didn't really realize that until we were literally running from the dressage ring to the stadium ring to the cross-country course.  Almost blew his little mind. HA HA.  He did it and we placed 7th - in the ribbons.  This is the only pix I was able to get of him.  I was also coaching my daughter and niece. 
Here we are in the warm-up area before dressage.  He was very interested in all that was going on.  It was REALLY windy there with lots of scary trees and shadows.  Things you learn when in competition - I need to ride him around lots and lots of trees. Timbuktu is a sunshine boy - we don't have forests were I live, practice and train.  Guess I will need to take him up to the hills and get him used to the trees. 

After Timbuktu competed, my daughter (Luna) once again, took over riding him until he was kicked by his brother, playing out in the pasture.  I moved my Luna onto my other Culy gelding - Khatmoondhu - the one I endurance race and here is a very short video of her riding Khatmoondhu.  She has now taken over this other horse of mine - ha ha.  Since he is over 15 hands - I have Luna riding in her jump vest.  She just informed me that now she is ready to ride Traveler.  (Good luck, honey - that horse is MINE.)    :)

Yesterday before the rains came - I was really able to live out a dream.  My two daughters - Luna (age 7) and Bella (age 5) and I rode together, independently, on our horses.  Luna on Khatmoondhu, Bella on her non-curly mini and I rode Traveler.  I have waited 7 years for this day!  My babies (human and equine) are growing up!


  1. Liz, I love your Traveler sons, and I am so glad you are living the dream! Your comment to your daughter about Traveler made me laugh! C'mon...Didn't you learn to share in kindergarten? :)

  2. All those events in one day? Wow! That would boggle my mind, much less my horse's. And what a dream to live, riding with your daughters!


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