Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Suri's foal is here!

Last saturday evening Suri's foal was born. I was there when the birth started and helped Suri to get this big boy out! At first she was not very interested in the foal and not sure what to do as a mother but this was ok very soon. I spent the first night out in the field with Suri and her foal, a beautifull buckskin tobiano colt! Within half an hour after he was born he was allready up and walking around. He was more interested in his surroundings than in his mother or drinking! He 'tested' the electric fence within the first hour and also had an accident falling in the water (bathtub with drinking water) I was glad I was there all the time to help keep him safe (and get him out of the bathtub and dry him off again). After 2 hours he settled and had a drink:) By then he had explored all of the paddock and was aware of the fence! Getting him used to the fence I helped to 'push' him back and have him go away from it instead of fighting against it.
It was such a special experience and he is such a brave and beautifull boy!

More on topic, with Voelie who is now 3 years old I have been practicing leaning on her back and having a saddle on her (without a rider). She is quite lazy, in the morning she is lying down in the paddock and waits for me to put the bowl of food in front of her. She eats it while she is lying down! This gives me the chance to sit on he back and get her used to it while she is lying down. I have never done this before with other horses and it seems a bit 'unconventional' but it seems to work for us and she is quite happy to have me sitting on her back and it is easy enough for me to get on:) Next step will be sitting on her while she is standing!

Here are some pictures of Suri and her lovely son, JB Missouri's Talisker (Tally)


  1. He's beautiful Jessica!! Just love his markings! Good for you : ) SO funny with Voelie enjoying her meal lying down!

  2. What a cutie! And such cool markings. Congratulations!

  3. Adorable pictures, and I like your unconventional training methods with Voelie! Hey, whatever works!!! :)

  4. Thank you all!
    I just love Voelie, she is so funny! I expect she will make a really nice riding horse!
    Tally allready thinks he is quite the wild stallion. At just 6 days old he is allready charging towards people in canter, trying to rear up and impress you! He loves 'working' so we are picking up feet and yielding to pressure on the hindquarters! He keeps coming back for more! He also loves his scratches!

  5. What an awesome colt and I love his personality already!


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