Sunday, June 16, 2013

the paddock!

I am so happy!!!
I am feeling sorry for Bucky, his stable is 3x3..(normal pony size) so normally for him it is good.
but in my opinion horses can stay out and don't need a stable, i think it is lock them up...
Cinderella's stable is 5x4 absolutly big enough....she loves it and loves to have some quality time for her one....afther beeing outside she wants to take a nape, she wants to sleep and needs her time alone.
in 2 months i get a big place with sand to ride in, the horses can stay there at night...if it is okay with they have to go in the stable because they will get to fat specually bucky when he eats all the grass.
i am scared theye get sick/ill...
so until i have my sandpalace.... (how do you call it in englisch? sorry don't know) but they have to stay inside the barn.
Bucky is not used to be in a stable so knocked out the door with his ass 3 times...hihihi :)
now my husband made a sort off paddock for Bucky so he can go out if he want to!
so happy!

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  1. Pretty fancy paddock! Gives Bucky more room to stretch his legs and satisfy his curiosity.


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