Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sharing videos of good times with friends and Curlies at Golden Curls Ranch

Hello all,

Our wonderful friend and exchange student, Gina, has returned to Germany. I am missing her terribly. But, I can watch videos of Gina and our Curlies and it helps. Here are a few I 'd like to share too{:>

1. Gina and Curly Man Chester practicing Barrels

Running Barrels was quite an adventure for Gina and our Stallion Chester was a wonderful teacher{:>

2. Rumor with Curlies at Golden Curls Ranch

We had great fun riding to songs, she and Jett, Chester and I and our friend Rudy with Lakota. We are working on our speakers for our arena but for now blast out the songs on our Truck's radio{:>

3. O'Sparky and Gina enjoying a ride in the shade

Gina and O'Sparky our BLM gathered Curly Mustang Stallion really connected as you can see in this video

4. Gina and Denny, love the connection

We were gifted with a wonderful colt, Denny, during Gina's stay and she and Denny were inseparable.

5. Yeehaw with Curlies and our Irish Dexter Cows

Of course, herding cattle is must do in Texas so Gina and O'Sparky and Chester and I had great times moving our wonderful Irish Dexters into the next grazing areas.....

We were especially trilled to ride our Stallions together. Gina will be returning to visit for our convention in October and we have lots of cool demos with our Stallions planned on October 4th, a Golden Curly Ranch day. Hope ya'll can join us.

Angie Gaines
Kaufman, TX, USA


  1. What an awesome things to do, share your life with an exchange student, and one that loves horses too! I'm sure you're looking forward to her return.

  2. I ditto what Janeen said. I am glad for you that she is coming back during the convention.


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