Monday, June 10, 2013

we have reached our goal!!!

Today I walked outside with Bucky, he is doing great!
BUT.....With CInderella i went to the woods and ride her.....she is a verry sweet horse....she is always looking  a lot and it makes me nervous but i try to stay calm and let her look to show her there is nothing to be afraid...

Cinderella is getting blad whene a new season i gave her golden shine for horses.....look at her...just perfect and her coat is verry strong....not one bald space...before i gave it to her she looked like this:

so if any off you want to try...I will help you out!
greetgins marjolein overbosch, the netherlands.


  1. Look at you go! This is great news. I enjoyed your pictures, and I am glad you found something that works for Cinderella's coat.

  2. Wahoo, great progress. I love his name as we have a Bucky too{:>

  3. Good job on the riding and Cinderella's coat! I have one that looks like that and am trying different things on. I love the picture with the trimmed hedge in it! That's alot of work!

  4. Hi Janeen, I know you have a horse, the same color as cinderella....also gets bald, i saw it on the pictures you sended before.....if you want i can send you some goldenshine......i am so happy with it!

    thank you all for posting your reactions...i am verry happy!!!
    the horses are at my own house and i just ride into the woods....what do you want more in life...offcourse my familie is number one hihih! but whene everythin is okay...there is nothing to wish for!


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