Friday, June 21, 2013

Round 2!

Today turned out to be a pretty hot day! By 9am it was already 20C so I dropped what I was doing in the yard at home and went to go work with Linus before it got to be too hot!! He was waiting for me with a very curious expression on his face...I think he was wondering what we'd be up to today!
I lined up the barrels in a row so that we could just weave in and out of them. He's really catching on to that part of it. We did this a few times and then I decided to try him up the laneway. We have some big separation issues when it comes to him and Allie! Surprisingly and with little encouragement from me, we made it all the way to the end of the driveway and then up the road a bit!! I turned back before he got too antsy so we didn't turn it into a bad experience. I was thrilled!! 
 Here Linus is playing out in the front pasture after our session today! I guess if he still has this kind of energy afterwards that must mean I can work him a bit harder?! : )
Not sure if this picture will post a bit wonky looking or not. Doesn't appear bad on my camera but you never know! I'm going to tell my friend that called him fat yesterday that Linus says "this fart is for you!" He'll be back in shape in no time!the weather and soggy footing have kept us from doing as much as I would like to. 
I noticed today my hole seems to be stretching a bit on my nylon cinch strap. Nylon was recommended to me when I bought the saddle. I've always used leather...any opinions on nylon vs leather when it comes to western saddles?? Muchly appreciated!! 
Have a great weekend : )
Donna & Linus
Ontario, Canada


  1. Great that you got out again! Linus is too funny! Keep up the good work!

  2. I really do prefer leather, Donna, I think kept oiled and taken care of it will out last nylon and look better

  3. Thanks Harold, I appreciate your opinion! And I agree as well! Not so hard of a redhead after all eh?? : )

  4. Donna, you really make me laugh! I love the word "wonky" (is that really a word?) and that Linus farts at people who call him fat. Now, listen...have you LOOKED at his pictures? I know love is blind but....

  5. I think the next fart will have your name on it! ; ) lol. I'm not sure if wonky is in the dictionary but it does get said around here a fair bit! Maybe it's just local, yocal talk! And yes, I agree and do admit he's "chubby" but we're working on it! The footing has been so awful all Spring but we're trying hard! Now we're dealing with extreme heat and humidity! Ugh!


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