Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cinderella and Bucky

Again Bucky broke his door..well it was the one on top so i don't understand how he did it but he did!

Today I made a long ride outside with a friend but we forgot to take whene we came home she made some picures...we had a lot of fun.....

and where just doing a little stupit....
as you can see i was wearing my RAC tshirt

How to get off your horse....
step one;
make sure no one sees your belly 
step two:
costumize your reins
Step 3;
 Put your leg to the other side off the horse 
   Step four;
Jump off
Step five;
Take your horse back to the stables
hope you enjoyd this message as mutch as i did
greetings marjolein, cinderella and bucky.


  1. Nice looking horse and nice way to get off, better then falling like I do once in a while

  2. Hi Harold,
    Thanks, just folow my stepd and you will not have problems anymore hahahah!
    buy the way how are you??

    greetings marjolein

  3. You are too funny! Looks like you guys had a good time.

  4. Cinderella looks like she is enjoying herself as much as you are

  5. hhahahaa
    yes we are close! our rides outside are also verry nice....we are going/doing great. hope to make big long rides like you do verry soon!

    greetings marjolein


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