Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Tomorrow (July 1st) is Canada Day. In past years I have dressed Linus up. Today I didn't have my flags with me and was worried about them spooking Allie so didn't bother going to get them! Maybe tomorrow I will do something patriotic with him! : )
Dad and I were over near the horses when he said he had been thinking we should go for a ride but wasn't sure because it was starting to get hot and humid. He barely finished saying as much when Allie stepped forward, stomped her foot and neighed at him. Then she tossed her head up and down! I told my Dad it sure looked like they were saying yes, let's go! They were overdue for a ride anyway! So we decided to go and just keep it a low-key ride. We had to stay on the road because the trails and fields are under water in the majority of places we usually go. Linus finds the road a bit boring but he did well today. It was so nice to ride on a loose rein. I'm proud of him! He's doing so well as a riding horse. I wanted to practice our barrels yesterday but there was no footing safe enough so I decided to clean our tack. I soaped it then oiled it. I didn't realize how badly it needed to be done until I got into doing it! When I put my stirrups back on I decided to try them one setting lower. I found it much easier for mounting and it gave me a bit of a deeper seat too which I found more comfortable. So it turned out to be a good idea.
We rode to the end of the road and were going to turn around but noticed some cows (yes Karalee Bell, they were yours! : ) they were running the fenceline and acting like they were in a field they weren't supposed to be in. I said to Dad we should go make sure because they are a long a pretty busy road where the traffic really moves. I've crossed over it before with Linus but for the first time for both horses we headed up the highway to make sure the cows were ok. They were very good with the increased amount and speed of the traffic! When Linus spotted the cows, who were in the right place - fence was up and gate was closed, he got really excited. I think he was expecting to go in and drive them back up to the farm. He was disappointed when we turned around but got over it!
We had a nice walk back with a bit of trotting here and there. He knows now that we can comfortably stay at a trot for a distance. He'll trot on a loose rein and not try to break it unless I ask. Good boy!
He was pretty sweaty when we got back. We untacked and walked them up to hose them off. Allie wasn't very keen on it. She doesn't like hoses or spray bottles. But, Dad was able to get it done. Big improvement over last year when he could only use a pail and sponge.
When it was our turn Linus stood with his head up enjoying the spray on his neck and chest. Then he turned his head into it and started drinking from the hose! I laughed my butt off - it was so hilarious!! My only regret was not being able to get it on video but I didn't have my phone or camera on me at all. I bought a pommel bag last year but I find it very big so I'm looking for a smaller one.
Naturally, after we turned the horses out; they rolled in the mud!!
Have a safe and happy long weekend to my Canadian friends and a safe and happy 4th to my American friends!!
Donna & Linus in eastern Ontario : )


  1. Donna I Keep telling you what a great horse you have, hope you don't get tired of me saying it, I have one horse Blackhawk, he will grab the hose and throw his head til he gets the hose pointed down his throat then he drinks,, dagnabid horse anyway.. I am always happy to see pictures but love your stroies,,, Have a fantastic weekend and give Linus a hug and treat for me please,,

  2. I'll bring my camera next time Harold! And thank you, I know you're a big Linus fan! He'll appreciate getting a treat from you : )

  3. I'm so glad Linus is working out so great! You sure put a lot of time and effort into him, and it is paying off. Like your stories, too!


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