Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's Clicking!!! : )

WOOHOO!! We are on day 3 of our barrel training. As well as working on getting Linus into better shape!! I think both are going very well. He is actually a very easy horse to condition. Both ways! To gain or to lose. 
My husband and son were at the farm with me today (for the new RACers, I do not live on the farm with Linus. It is my parents' farm and where I grew up. We also have a herd of Black Angus there. I only live a few minutes away) so I had a picture taker!! The weather was on and off with threats of rain but we got a nice cool stretch with no rain to saddle up! 
Linus nickered to me when he saw me coming with his tack and a barrel, so I am taking this to be a good sign!  He is not resenting the barrels and is looking forward to some work time.


I'm pretty lucky to be able to tack my boy up in the field with no restraints. He stands calmly for me, even while I throw the reins up and go place the barrels. Such a good boy!

I can feel him catching on to picking up speed as we come out of the turn to get to the next in a hurry. I'm very impressed with how well he is connecting to moving off of my leg at the barrels. I like how it takes away from needing to guide his head so much with the reins. 

We started to trot the pattern a bit today. I don't want to push him and make it a chore. I am trying to present it in a way that is fun for him and he enjoys. Trying to nurture his competitiveness I guess. I know it is in him because I can feel it on the trail or when I take him in to sort calves for fun. He has never had this type of work so it is a new place to find that competitive urge. I use that term loosely. I doubt we'll ever go compete, who knows. But, if the desire is in him to give 'er then who knows?!

I should get Stu to video us sometime, you'd probably fall off your chair laughing at my running commentary. I am always talking to Linus while I ride. Call me crazy, but he knows darn well by the tone of my voice and what I am saying, what I mean. When we start off I'm encouraging him to go, go, go then as we approach i say "around the barrel, around the barrel.." then it's back to go, go, go etc then when we round the last one, I start to encourage "race to home, race to home". I'm sure it is hilarious to watch because I laugh at myself while doing it sometimes! : )

WooHoo! Look at the big guy gettin' his big butt in gear! Go Linus!

Below is one of my favourites from looks like we're just a flyin'!! In reality, my husband said he nearly dropped the camera...which is actually my new phone so I am very glad that he didn't drop it! 
I think we are slowly graduating out of "turtle racing"

I'm having so much fun doing something new with Linus. He really is a fantastic fellow to work with. He has so much personality and while he can be stubborn (we're both redheads so I say Bring It Boy!) we work through everything and always seem to find our way together. 
Owen came out with his umbrella while I was riding so I encouraged Linus to go check it out. He was curious so I thought it would be good. It has been a long time since we did umbrella work. It was the first time for me being mounted I think. I've held one over his back from the ground. After he sniffed it he let my husband open and close it repeatedly and then rub his neck on it. I could tell by watching his eyes and ears that if I wasn't on his back he would have used it as an excuse to go for a buck and fart probably. But, he softened when he turned to me and just sighed and chewed. I was very proud of him. Of course at these times I am also telling him in a stern voice "No excuses". He's maturing quite nicely for me and I couldn't be happier with him : )


  1. Lord help us all, two redheads working together,, I bet you have red tractors too. I reckon you get tired of me saying it Donna, but you two are an awesome team, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, it is fun watching the things you do.. Great job youn lady, great

  2. Gee thanks Harold!! What a nice compliment. And yes, of course the tractors are red!! Goes without saying ; )

  3. Way to go, Donna! And you never know, you might just have to go find a group of people that like to run barrels for fun and join them! I hope you do! We have a fabulous group here that are very supportive of each other, so it's not so much competition as it is FUN!

  4. OMG, too funny!! Love all the pictures and THE TRY YOU ARE GETTING OUT OF THE BIG BOY!! I also think he has slimmed down already. It's because he is male. A female would NEVER lose weight that fast. ;) I think it's great you talk to him. Didder loves it when I explain stuff to him. I think it makes him feel special.

  5. You're so right about that! I sweat more than he does and he'll lose far more than I will!! : )
    I draw the line at putting him on my back to run barrels lol!

  6. Enjoyed all the pictures - good thing you aren't practicing for dressage, no chattering allowed! I have to practice keeping quiet LOL

  7. Oh boy! I couldn't do that Shelly!! I'd be disqualified before I even had time to bow to the judge! Lol


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