Friday, June 14, 2013

Parades and other happenings

Hello all,
I have been riding a lot - pretty much every day, but it leaves me little time to get on here to read everyone's blogs, let alone post.
But, I decided that I better post about our local parade pretty quick, before I leave this afternoon for our next event, our first endurance ride of the season!
On June 1st Summerland has their annual parade and our Curly farm participated this year for the first time!  Even though technically I didn't ride..... I did have three of our horses (including *Patty Cake, the mini) participating!
My daughter Anastasia rode our gelding *Cuervo and my good friend Maryan rode my mare *Serenade - you should know that Maryan is 73 this year - she also rides and conditions *Serenade for me, so that I can take her to endurance rides (this weekend).  My best guy Warren did the honours of leading the horses with *Patty, Warren is 6' tall and wore his tallest boots and hat LOL.  I should ALSO give credit to Maryan - she made the little "saddle" for *Patty - looked great eh?
My good friend Sheral did the clean up for us and myself and another young friend, Jennifer handed out information on Curlies.  I also had t-shirts made for the occasion - my younger daughter Danielle designed the logo and we put "Curly horses are hypoallergenic" on the back - the shirts look nicer in person, they are steel grey with white lettering.  I will get better pictures of them one of these days.
So anyway, we are all ready for the upcoming Calgary Stampede where we are going to be in that BIG parade!
Shelly in Summerland, BC Canada


  1. What fun Shelly ! guess someone has to take care of the "details" eh? great exposure for our treasured curlies

  2. Good luck on your endurance ride! I'm hoping to try a parade this year, but I'm sure it will just be a small one. Your horses and you all look wonderful! Love the shirts too!


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