Wednesday, June 5, 2013

first time into the woods!

Behind my house, we have i went for the first time just walking with cinderella and bucky in the woods just to show them!

it was perfect, friday i will do it again and maybe friday or next monday i will ride them to the woods myself.....because i don't have a riding partner or buddy i have to train these thing alone and because of that i start walking arroud in a new area before i go on cinderella's back....

greetings marjolein, bucky en cindy!


  1. Sounds to be a good idea for the horses, you should really get to know them well that way

  2. I agree with Harold! Your horses are so cute, checking everything out. This is such a great way to put yourself in the leadership role with them and have some fun.

  3. thanks thats verry sweet of you!
    hope i can go tomorrow again!!!!


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