Monday, June 3, 2013

we are getting closer to our goal!

We have done so many great things, but sometimes I forget to make pictures or forget to ride a story....with Bucky and Cinderella I trie to walk outside as mutch as possible, they have to learn how to react on trafic, and all kind off things you don't see in the field but just outside.
So yesterday i walked outside with Bucky, I try to sit on his back but he didn't liked it...
I think I am to heavy.
Today we worked with bucky...because I can't ride him I try to do as mutch as possible whene my kids can't....they have school....friends....swimming lessons, dance lessons....pfff.

2 times a week my kids ride Bucky but he always like to play and really needs to get serious lessons....he needs to know he is not in charge....he loves to play but needs to know you are not his toy buddy!
With cinderella I ride outside and go further every day...the day after tomorrow I will go into the woods....hope not to see any barking dogs....

So after all the hard work they can finally enjoy the nice wetter outside.

thanks for reading our you more in 2 days...hope so!!!
greetings marjolein


  1. I am glad you are getting a chance to work with Bucky when he can't be ridden by your kids. He is still young yet, isn't he?

  2. Hi Susan, Bucky is just 4 years (last week)...I think next year he will be a nice kids pony. he needs a little time to understand some things.
    cinderella is mutch more easy, but that is just a perfect horse.
    i think bucky got a lot candy to learn him stuff/things because he tries(try) to bite you all the time...he bite me and my daughter a couple off also again in my finger...he always had problems with his space and that is one off the most important things i am learning him now...


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